Amazing Wall Street Journal Article About Libyan Embassy Attack


The Wall Street Journal has an amazing piece today on what happened prior to the attack on the Libyan Embassy. Our Senators, who complain that they cannot get information from the White House, should just check with these reporters.

The article is well worth reading but here are some of the key points:

  • U.S. officials ordered precautions in Egypt but ignored diplomatic postings at other embassies
  • Despite repeated attacks in Benghazi, the State Department only once, in June, asked for added security
  • The U.S. never considered sending a  rescue operation in until after the Ambassador was murdered
  • A secret safe house was also attacked
  • The WH claims the attack was spontaneous but months of warnings led up to the attack
  • The WH cannot say why the Ambassador was there and ten days after the attack, our FBI (not CIA?) has still not been allowed at the scene
  • Chris Stevens and Sean Smith died at the embassy (which was just a neighborhood home) and Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods died at the safe house
  • There were no smoke-protection masks and fire extinguishers at the scene
  • The State Department said security was deemed appropriate even though there was none
  • Supposedly, Ambassador Stevens traveled there on his own (“This is what happens when you’re relying on a government that’s not in control of the whole country,” said Randa Fahmy Hudome, a former U.S. official. Benghazi “was awash with weapons in the hands of various brigades who were all in combat with one another. It wasn’t a secret.”)
  • The “embassy” was a temporary office in one of the most dangerous places in the Middle East
  • The plane sent to evacuate wasn’t large enough to accommodate everyone because no one told them the numbers beforehand

Some defense officials blamed it on the “fog of war.” Is it that or is it the “fog of poor leadership?”


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