Sessions Responds to Chairman Nunes’ Threats to Hold Him in Contempt


Two weeks ago, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee has subpoened records he said he needs to investigate several cases before the committee, including FISA abuse. On Sunday, he said he would move to hold Attorney General Jeff Sessions in contempt of Congress for not handing over the documents.

Nunes pointed out that the DoJ has repeatedly denied Congress records or heavily redacted them claiming they violate national security, when in fact, they have not.

The DoJ was just caught red-handed lying and redacting to protect Jim Comey — check it out.

Sessions has responded to Nunes’s threat:

“Disclosure of responsive information to such requests can risk severe consequences, including potential loss of human lives, damage to relationships with valued international partners, compromise of ongoing criminal investigations, and interference with intelligence activities,” stated the May, 3 letter from Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd.

Sessions said the source — an American — would be compromised and in great danger. President Trump — for some reason — took the side of the intelligence community after he spoke with John Kelly. We know about Papadopoulos so it’s not him unless they are lying.

Sara Carter reported that Chairman Nunes is not buying it:

But Nunes is not buying it. He warned Sessions that ignoring deadlines requested by Congress will result in contempt. Nunes also referred to comments lambasting Special Counsel Robert Mueller by U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III, who said in a Virginia Federal Court Friday, “we don’t want anyone in this country with unfettered power. It’s unlikely you’re going to persuade me the special prosecutor has power to do anything he or she wants…The American people feel pretty strongly that no one has unfettered power.”

The DoJ has refused to provide Nunes with the documents he says he needs to probe the issues before the committee. The DoJ writes:

“After careful evaluation and following consultations with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the White House, the Department has determined that, consistent with applicable law and longstanding Executive Branch policy, it is not in a position to provide the information responsive to your request regarding a specific individual,”  the letter states.

AG Sessions held a press conference at the US border and he responded.  During a question and answer period Sessions responded to a question about Congressman’s Devin Nunez’s statements the previous Sunday.  Sessions responded:

“The Department of Justice has written him a letter and to responded appropriate to him.  The request he’s made is one that the intelligence communities and the Department of Justice feels is not grantable.  We explained that we liked, that we’d be willing to talk to him about it before the details about which I’ve written to him can be discussed.”

If he isn’t Deep State, he sure works well with and for them.



  1. As soon as the contempt citation is filed Pres Trump can fire both Sessions & Rosenstain and order whoever is then in charge to release the documents requested. Pres Trump is in charge of the Executive department of the three branches. He can order the federal marshals to escort Sessions and Rosenstain from the property take their phones & computers and if necessary have them arrested. As well, Pres Trump can order C.Wray, Director of the FBI to release all documents requested by Committee Chairman Nunes.
    Time to break up this little kingdom within the U.S. Government. Rosenstain has been in government so long that he actually believes he IS THE GOVERNMENT. Stop him now; Rosenstain can be arrested for violation of 18 U.S.C. Section 1505 interference with a Congressional Investigation & felony perjury for lying to the FISA Court, (18 U.S.C. Sections 1001a & 671, (read 2nd paragraph) JUST WHO DO SESSIONS & ROSENSTAIN THINK THEY ARE?? INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS?? hARhARhARhAR. TIME TO BREAK UP THIS CABAL.

    • Tough action like this is required. When Trump is forced into acting the public will strongly support him.

  2. Today, Rosenstein on OIG report:
    “Within the next few weeks, I anticipate that Our Inspector General will complete a comprehensive, Fair & nonpartisan report that answers many questions about how the DOJ handled a high-profile investigation during the last presidential campaign. We will Learn from it and our Department Will do better in the future”.

    This was all the clip covered, so from this there is Nothing said about anyone’s illegal activities facing justice, but they Will “try” to do better. We DO know if you are a “low-level” leaker such as Reality Winner justice Will Prevail. As of January the Appeals Court affirmed a court order blocking a bond. Of course a special agent of the FBI who did much worse was “allowed” to retire and charges dropped.

    Is there a pattern here. Know for certain there will be no jail time for anyone in Justice or the FBI. Remember Rosenstein on Law Day when he basically affirmed “prosecutorial discretion”. Comey will continue in selling books and teach “Ethics”. Until such time Congress Itself starts writing tough laws that REQUIRE jail time nothing will change, but don’t hold your breath on that one.

    • It appears that RR has become more conciliatory instead of his recent irresponsible statements. That may signal no one big will get into trouble. Or it may signal he is scared. Regarding discretion, Sessions can be counted on to choose to not prosecute, but the type of discretion Sessions exerts is extreme leniency. It is more like an issuance of get out of jail free cards to Trump foes.

  3. Also, if Congress were actually serious they Could do more. I wasn’t sure until the FusionGPS bank record case arose that Congress Does have counsel and Can go to court to enforce actions. So, why are they SO reluctant to use that recourse.

    • My answer is with a question. Why do republicans have corrupt anti-Trump leftists in charge of both houses? Their immigration and budget policies are fully leftist.

  4. There’s some interesting details in the transcript of the Manafort Motion to Dismiss in Judge Ellis’s hearing.

    The Attorney for the Special Counsel admitted the case against Manafort had been an ongoing investigation for some time and Rosenstein handed over the documents of that case to the S.C.

    The Rosenstein Memo appointing the S.C. mentions current FBI investigations that the S.C. will continue with. The redacted part of the Memo may contain the fact that Manafort’s case was the criminal aspect that allows the S.C. under law. This ‘could’ be problematic for the prosecution. This case would be, in itself, a separate case altogether and should have been handled internally with Justice prosecutors. The Mueller prosecutor is using Manafort’s campaign activities as the premise in pursuit, but the charges were not “learned” by the S.C. in their investigation. This would appear to be a case of “parallel construction”, whereby information gained illegally is “laundered” through to the relevant parties.

    As in many cases a prosecutor is inevitably given the benefit of the doubt, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the benefit, once again, is given to these prosecutors. If the scope memo “does” show the S.C. had this information of an ongoing case and used that primarily, in the same vein as the dossier, then the Judge should dismiss the case with prejudice and shut down the Special Counsel in all its forms. Otherwise the court is sanctioning malfeasance.

    • You have gone well into details that I do not normally go into. A conclusion from your argument is that the Manafort prosecution is out of the scope of Mueller. The DOJ is claiming damage including loss of life if the scope is revealed.

  5. The Judge countered the prosecution in that he does have clearance and there is a SCIF on site so there’s no reason for Justice not to comply.

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