Amazon Employees Compare ICE to Hitler


Amazon employees sent an open letter to CEO Jeff Bezos Friday to demonize ICE and protest the contract IBM has with them. They compared the contract to one they allegedly had with Adolf Hitler during the second world war. They wrote:

“As ethically concerned Amazonians, we demand a choice in what we build and a say in how it is used. We learn from history, and we understand how IBM’s systems were employed in the 1940s to help Hitler,” the letter states. “IBM did not take responsibility then, and by the time their role was understood, it was too late. We will not let that happen again. The time to act is now.”

They are referencing reports that IBM is said to have supplied the Nazis with technology for the Auschwitz and Treblinka concentration camps.

Calling political opponents Hitler, border protection akin to concentration camps, is the rule of the day and it is very dangerous. The hate and lies are tools Democrats are willing to use to win. It’s putting people in danger.

The employees called on the company to “stop selling facial recognition services to law enforcement” and “stop providing infrastructure to Palantir and any other Amazon partners who enable ICE.”

Democrats want ICE abolished. That works well with their open borders ideology.

Allegedly more than 100 employees signed the letter, including senior software engineers.

The Communist ACLU wants the recognition gone as well.

After the ACLU complained a month ago, Dr. Matt Wood, general manager of artificial intelligence at Amazon Web Services, defended the facial recognition software, Rekognition. He said the technology was already benefitting society by “preventing human trafficking” and “inhibiting child exploitation.”

“Each organization choosing to employ technology must act responsibly,” Wood wrote. “AWS takes its responsibilities seriously. But we believe it is the wrong approach to impose a ban on promising new technologies because they might be used by bad actors.”

A lot of tech workers have revolted over facial recognition software. But this letter, in particular, is an effort to destroy ICE and any tools they might use to control the border.

The men and women of law enforcement who risk their lives every day are being demonized and threatened. Where are the good Democrats who will come to their aid? Is winning elections worth selling their souls?

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Remember Podesta’s Emails: “Compare your opponent to Adolf Hitler…”

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