Amazon Wipes Out 900 Hundred Bad Reviews of Hillary’s Book’What Happened’


Hillary Clinton’s memoir, What Happened, tells the tale of how others cost her the 2016 election with some vague self-criticism.

People will decide if it’s worth the stress of plowing through a book that was ghost written. More interesting is the fact that the bad reviews on Amazon proliferated as soon as it was released on September 12th. There must be a lot of speed readers out there.

Within hours, the one star reviews were piling up on Amazon, but the Hillary-friendly organization deleted them as quickly as they went up.

Amazon deleted over 900 bad reviews of her book. I’m sure they would not do that for Donald Trump and his family.

I read the first reviews which were mostly rated one star and many didn’t seem legitimate. The fact is who would buy the book besides the most committed Hillary supporter, historians and the extremely curious?

Even if Amazon thought it wise to delete the reviews, one thing stands out — more people dislike her than read her book.

It is supposedly the best seller but has only 641 reviews left on the Amazon site.

Only 338 of 1600 reviewers were verified purchasers. Out of the 1600, half were negative. That seems to jive with the critical reviews from the professionals.

However, having only 338 verified reviews out of 1600 on Amazon doesn’t fit the norm, Quartz reported. The norm is 75% to 94% of the reviewers are verified purchasers.

Hillary’s book is also an outlier because it’s been reviewed to death unlike most new books. The book should be rated about 4.3 out of 5 according to one estimate cited by Quartz, but the allegedly planted reviews brought it down.

More than 1,000 bad reviews were posted in one day – a red flag!

Amazon won’t confirm that they removed the reviews but if you were watching them go up, you know they did. They say they remove reviews that don’t conform to community guidelines.

To conclude, Hillary’s book is no longer rated low. It’s a five star book now with most of the negative reviews gone. Out of 641 reviews, 95% are five star, 2% are four star and 3% are one star.

For those who are interested, the book details events like eating pork chops on a stick at a fair to casting blame, some of it justified. She doesn’t excel in self-reflection and she probably didn’t write most of the book. It is confusing at times, especially when she writes that she won the popular vote and barely lost key states but then says she, a very white person, lost because of racism. It is confusing when she explains that she really won and wants the electoral college obliterated, but it was sexism that killed her chances.

We predict this book will bomb.

President Trump had his own say on her loss.

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