Amazon’s looking at Manhattan where AOC can’t get them


November 2, 2018 Sunnyvale / CA / USA – Amazon headquarters located in Silicon Valley, San Francisco bay area

Amazon is looking for at least 100,000 square feet of office space in Manhattan, space they plan to expand over time. It’s a place where communistic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can’t get to them.

They are in talks with owners of two new skyscrapers located just one block west of Penn Station — the newly built One Manhattan West and its soon-to-be sister project, Two Manhattan West, sources tell The Post.

Amazon also is considering space in the U.S. Post Office building across the street, known as the James A. Farley building, the Post reported.

Screenshot AOC

Unfortunately, this won’t have the benefits of the first deal AOC killed on the waterfront in Long Island City. That would have added tens of thousands of jobs, been a boon to businesses, and it would have uplifted a depressed city.

Dim bulb Ocasio-Cortez and other politicians didn’t want Amazon’s huge plant in Long Island City because of $3.2 billion in capital grants and tax incentives. However, they didn’t seem to realize that wasn’t cash up front and the benefits to Amazon would only be realized if the jobs appeared.

The Long Island City deal would also have seen Amazon invest in a 600-seat public school; a workforce development and training space; an artists’ workspace; and 149,650 square feet of public open space, among other projects — all of which is now lost, according to the NY Post.

It won’t have anywhere near the impact in the wealthy area of Manhattan.


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