Ambassador Bolton: Iran Cleaned Our Clocks – Update


rouhani and obama

Update: 01/20/14: The UN withdrew their invitation to Iran to join in on Syrian peace talks.


Update: 01/19/14: Iran is being invited to the Syrian peace talks in Geneva. Talk about the fox being in charge of the hen house. Our government is propping up the Assad government! Is this part of the secret side deal we have been hearing about?


Tomorrow is the big day. The deadline with Iran starts on the 20th! Inspectors from the IAEA have already arrived in Iran to monitor the interim nuclear deal to make sure Iran sticks up to their end of the deal.

The IAEA has a very limited role and won’t be able to check on most aspects of their enrichment process.

The details of the deal are being kept secret, but we do know that Iran only has to not proceed further with its existing program. The problem is that they can get back to 20% enrichment in a day. They dismantle nothing, keep their R&D, and keep everything they have. Iran has said they are not limited at all.

The US and the EU, on the other hand, rolled back the sanctions and we will never get them back. World powers are heading for Iran as we speak to cut business deals with Tehran.

The Chief Iranian Negotiator, Abbas Araghachi said, “We can return again to 20% enrichment in less than one day and we can convert the material again. I can say definitely that the structure of our nuclear program will be preserved. Nothing will be put aside, dismantled, or altered. Everything will continue. Enrichment will continue.”

The US abandoned allies in the region for this “deal.”

Ambassador Bolton on the nuclear deal and the legitimization of their becoming a nuclear power:

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