Ambassador Bolton – “There’s No Bottom to the President’s Ability to Compromise and Surrender”


Member nations of the Gulf Cooperation Council, an organization of six Arab monarchies, will be coming to the White House and then to Camp David for discussions with Obama next month on a variety of issues.

The Gulf oil nations are very concerned about a nuclear deal despite their bland responses to the media. They face the reality of the nuclear Iran. Former Ambassador John Bolton believes Iran will be the main topic during the discussions.

Iran has made it clear this weekend that they won’t allow the IAEA into military installations and they want all sanctions lifted immediately. President Obama is now telling John Kerry to engage in creative diplomacy.

What that means is to look for more “surrenders.”

“It just boggles the mind,” former Ambassador Bolton said, “that after all the concessions that have been made in the last two years, on top of all the other concessions that have been made over the full twelve years of negotiation with Iran, that there is still no bottom to the president’s ability to compromise and surrender, and I’m sure that’s an incentives to the Iranians to keep up the negotiations, and I’m sure it’s causing more heartburn both in Israel and among the Arab countries, the members of the GCC. Their position is very similar to Israel’s on this.”

Ambassador Bolton said he’s afraid we are already in an arms race in the Middle East, spurred on by these negotiations.

When asked what he fears most when the talks resume in Geneva, Ambassador Bolton said, “I think they’re going to begin the creative diplomacy that the president has asked for, which is to remove just about the last remaining piece of leverage we have.”

“If you reduce or eliminate the leverage before they have to perform, it’s just one more reason they will violate the agreement from the get go.”

The president is now saying all that counts is the “snap-back” but Ambassador Bolton can’t think of what that could be. He thinks it’s a “delusion.” It “may be within the realm of human imagination to come up with a snap-back” but he couldn’t think of one.

He said the president should explain to the Congress and the American people pretty soon if “there is anything left of his sanctions policy at all.”

Host Eric Shawn put up a screenshot of what Investors’ Daily is saying. The U.S. is losing everywhere and we are “falling all over ourselves” for a deal that gives us nothing in return.

Eric Shawn show

He asked John Bolton for a reaction who responded by saying, “The deal paves the way for Iran to have nuclear weapons.” There are two options here. Iran gets nuclear weapons at a time of its choosing or someone, likely Israel, uses military force to prevent that.

People had better get realistic about this. Iran is on the march and we are in retreat.

I’d like to add one comment of my own. This nuclear deal and a nuclear Iran, in Obama’s mind, assures that the U.S. will never again be able to go to war in the Middle East. This deal is as much a way to destroy U.S. military power as it is to help Iran get the bomb.


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