Ambassador Slams 3 Potential Lies by ‘Bombshell’ Witness Bill Taylor


An attorney for the U.S. ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland is pushing back on the key testimony of the ‘hearsay’ witness William Taylor. Taylor’s testimony was described by The Washington Post as a ‘bombshell.’

Sondland’s lawyer Robert Luskin told The Washington Post that his client “did not recall” a conversation that acting U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, William Taylor, alleged he had with Ukrainian officials.

During his testimony Tuesday, Taylor said Sondland personally spoke with Andriy Yermak, a representative for Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky, about releasing nearly $400 million in military aid if the country would help in investigating former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

Luskin said “Sondland does not recall any conversation in Warsaw concerning the aid cutoff, although he understood that the Ukrainians were, by then, certainly aware of the cutoff and raised the issue directly with Pence,” Luskin told The Post.

They were aware in early August and the Trump-Zelensky call was in July on the 25th.

Taylor also testified that National Security Council official Tim Morrison informed him of a conversation between Trump and Sondland last month on Sept. 7 during which the president allegedly said Zelensky should “go to a microphone” and commit to “opening investigations of Biden and 2016 election interference.”

Luskin told the Post that didn’t happen. The ambassador “was asked about all of his interactions with Trump on this subject matter. These did not include another call on the 7th.”

Taylor also claimed that Sondland told him in June “that he did not wish to include most of the regular interagency participants in a call planned with President Zelensky. . . . Sondland said that he wanted to make sure that no one was transcribing or monitoring as they added President Zelensky to the call.”

Luskin said Sondland “believes that it was monitored routinely and that an appropriate file memo was prepared. He never suggested otherwise.”

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