America Grows More Statist Every Year! The Killing of James Madison


The United States could one day be Venezuela.

The Founding Fathers, the Constitution authored by James Madison, the white man, are all vilified while people who have no identity here in the United States are being called Indigenous Peoples. Ronald Reagan is the enemy and Angela Davis is revered. Donald Trump won’t be asked to speak on college campuses during commencement exercises but the sociopathic killer Donna Hylton will be asked.

John Wayne is dead I’ve been told! There is a war on cowboys and our history because they  and it represent rugged individualism.

It’s no secret that the heart of our nation’s Capital is now also the seat of corruption.

It’s not only John Wayne who is dead.

This Is How the United States Becomes Venezuela

The only reason the United States isn’t Socialist or almost Socialist is because we have the lowest voter turnout of the free world. As Vermont Socialist Bernie Sanders said recently,“If we had 80 percent of the people voting in this country, the Republican Party would be a significant minority,” Sanders told the audience. “So we have got to get people involved. And you do that by being honest about the real problems they face and come up with real solutions.”

Carter responded to that quote after admitting he voted for the hardcore Socialist. “Can y’all see why I voted for him?”, Carter said.

The LA Times says we need more presidents like Jimmy Carter.

To win, Republicans have to count on some constituencies not showing up and supportive voters coming out in full force. But there is hope thanks to Donald Trump.

Trump brilliantly tapped into the American voters who were disgusted with the identity politics or who simply want jobs and a better economy.

Despite the fact that the country is left-wing, he campaigned hard and turned some voters to the right because the policies of Barack Obama cost the country jobs and hurt the economy. He also got lucky with a very weak opponent.

The culture war of the sixties led by communists, socialists and fascists never ended. The leaders took over the educational system. We do already have a left-wing nation.

Who can’t see a handsome, more subtle version of Bernie winning the presidency in this country? Even if he’s a Communist with a. small “c”?

Who Is Voting

People who are white, over 65, college-educated, or make at least $50,000 comprise the largest portion of voters. If we even have little more than a 50% turnout of people eligible to vote, Democrats would run away with the elections. Socialists would also be big winners because nearly half of Americans say they would vote for a Socialist.

The United States has one of the world’s lowest voter turnout rates and that helps Republicans.

Even U.S. presidential elections, with little more than half of U.S. voters showing up at the polls, have the lowest participation rate almost anywhere in the democratic world:

  • Swedish general election (2014) 85.8 per cent;
  • New Zealand general election (2014) 73.2 per cent;
  • French presidential election (2012) 71.2 per cent;
  • Irish general election (2011) 63.8 per cent;
  • US presidential election (2012) 53.6 per cent. 

All the conventional wisdom about American elections is based on 50% of the electorate not showing up. The “registered” voters lean Democrat but “likely” voters make the races competitive. If Americans had the compulsory voting which Obama has called for, Republicans would always lose. This is why Democrats want mandatory voting.

Americans are left and ever more statist.

Obama won two elections with over 51% of the vote.

Midterm elections are different. The Democrat constituencies of young people, minorities, and single women often don’t vote in the primaries, general elections, and midterms.

Socialism Goes Mainstream

Nearly half of Americans (47%) would consider voting for a socialist for president if the person were well-qualified and nominated by the voter’s party, according to one Gallup survey.

A majority of Democrats (59%) say they would vote for a socialist candidate. Independents are split down the middle, and, alarmingly, 26% of Republicans say they’d vote for a socialist.

Young Americans ages 18 to 29 are most open to the idea of a Socialist with nearly 7 in 10 stating they’d vote for one. Older generations are less inclined to do so because they’ve witnessed the damage left in Socialism’s wake.

While nearly half of Americans would consider voting for a Socialist, the other half say they would not.

This is due to a lack of education and a biased-left media, school system, and entertainment world.

Democrats Only Need a Few of Their Voters to Show Up

The GOP was pummeled into the ground in 2008 with a 58.2% of the voters showing up.

Before Trump, only two Republicans won in thirty years and they were both named Bush.

That was when California and New England were still in play. California, Illinois and most of New England are no longer an option for Republicans. The right-leaning electorate have no vote in presidential elections in blue states because majority rules.

The rest of the nation has once red states turning purple and purple states turning blue. There is little to stop the movement left.

Georgia is turning purple and Arizona is almost there, New Mexico is going blue, Vermont is solidly blue, Virginia is purple or blue, and New Hampshire is no longer the “live free or die” state. Middle America is also going purple or blue. Texas, South Carolina and Florida are being inundated with left-wing foreigners who will one day vote and their children will vote.

There are Communists and Socialists turning up in these states demanding the Communist Party USA agenda be implemented, at least in part. California leftists see single-payer as the path to turning the state even further left.

Once left, the only place to go is further left.

Where We Are Headed Might Be Irreversible

“The architect” Karl Rove gave us the blue and red states during the 2000 election when he brilliantly drew a map that could lead to George Bush’s victory thanks to a plan ordering maximum turnout. Bush the younger barely won after long, drawn-out court battles.

The country is now divided along red and blue lines. It’s far more divisive then it has ever been thanks to that in part. It even added to the increase in corrupt politicians and government bureaucrats who play to it. They buy their piece of the red/blue pie.

The country has shifted to the leftist ideology of the foreigners being brought in from the hard-left world outside. The shift is also due to the fact that education, the media, and the arts are overwhelmingly liberal or leftist. Once they get in a field, they put it in a stranglehold.

It’s popular to be the left now because that’s where the majority supposedly are. It also sounds so good to want to feed and take in the poor of the world, to give healthcare to everyone and to save the planet. All logic and science are put aside to put forth the extreme ideology. The left is winning simply through demonization of opponents and mathematically unsound liberal arguments.

The demonization component is crucial because once people understand the leftist policies, they won’t want them.

The country continues to suck up the Third World who will vote Democrat for life and the left has successfully banned or shut down the right in the sectors they’ve consumed in colleges, Hollywood and even in the arts and in science.

Anchor babies, DACAs, and all the others who are “entitled” to be here will birth their children who will overwhelm the now demonized traditional American, especially the white American.

In 2010, 70% of the births in Dallas General Hospital were “anchor babies”. The left has made anchor babies into a convenient vehicle for open borders. They have convinced Americans they can’t deport families, setting up chain migration.

It is after all why we have identity politics and why the white man who votes Republican is being vilified.

If they win, it won’t be easy to get it back. Since the left also includes fascists and is, by definition, not freedom-loving and always oriented towards the collective, they will never give up their hold once secured.


Perhaps the United States can save itself.

If borders are restored, it will give foreigners coming in at a slower pace a chance to assimilate instead of having them force Americans to give up traditions, culture, values and sovereignty in the name of multiculturalism.

Single-payer, multiculturalism, political correctness, identity politics are Marxist concepts and they are all now acceptable or even desirable to much of the population in this country because of the infiltration of the hard-left in key areas of society.

Perhaps the right will take back their schools and their culture.

Perhaps Republicans will stop contributing to their own demise with their cheap labor and their cowardice.

Perhaps not.

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