America at a Cultural Crossroads, Part 3


you are not entitled

There is a growing consensus among many citizens that what is happening to our culture is a throwback to the 1960’s. The chaos that unfolded then had its start in the Vietnam War. There was a perceived righteousness about the protests by the media and the protesters – cultural change on a mammoth scale was needed.

Today, it is different. The feeling among many is that this is a cultural war of entitlement, of victimhood. This war is being pushed to the extreme by our schools and this administration.

This administration has worked diligently to expand the rift in both race and class. The Marxism of today is omnipresent. Our schools, our media, even in our everyday discussions, a sense that the system is not working is palpable. And to a certain extent it is true.

Our system is broken only because of those who want the entitlements they think are theirs, and those who feel if the system is changed, there will be more opportunity for them to move forward.

I don’t think the socialists among us understand the elite in a socialist system is very small, and subject to change at any time. Those that are in favor today will be gone tomorrow. Look to the old Soviet Union or North Korea to see what the socialist system does to its followers.

Those of you who breathlessly follow the Hollywood celebrities and the liberal/socialist viewpoints they espouse, you need to understand they would be the first to go.

There will be backlash to a culture of corruption being forced upon the citizens of this country. Our culture will respond as it did at the end of the 60’s. The middle class, the so-called “silent Majority” rose up under Nixon and Reagan to take back some of the degradation of culture that had taken place.

Our culture now seems to be based on a system of victimhood and litigation. It seems like some people are just waiting around to be offended, to sue anyone who causes the offense and bad feelings.

Our Universities now have “Safe Spaces” so that the precious little students will not need to hear an opinion other than the ones they approve of. In grade schools, students are being taught about the Koran and “inclusion”.

Part of the challenge is getting the parents to think of school as more than a babysitter. It isn’t where your kids go during the day so you can get your things done and have some peace and quiet. They go there to learn. Do YOU know what they are learning?

It takes a few personal traits to define a culture. One of them is responsibility. Our culture, up until now, has always had a foundation understood by all, that responsibility was the foundation upon which to build a life. It was inculcated early in our formative years.

All of us have personal responsibility to live our lives in a commendable manner, to do no harm to others, and to do the best we can with the gifts that the good Lord gave us. This responsibility has, unfortunately, been considered lately as crass and old fashioned. Let’s do what we want, and if it goes wrong, we can find another to blame. We need only to look at our President to see how well that works.

Our President has ignored the Constitution, has promoted class and race warfare, railed against the common American who clings to his guns and bible, expanded our debt to an insurmountable level, and in all instances when things go wrong, finds others to blame. The most glaring example to date is Benghazi.

And if you do get to finally reach the rung of the middle class, remember, you didn’t build that.

Our culture definitely needs to change, and it is we the people who need to change. Now is the time, it will not wait much longer.


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John Velisek USN (Ret.)


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