America at a Cultural Crossroads   Pt. 1


cultural decline

We have a culture that, like it or not, is based on the Judeo-Christian ethic. The laws of Nature govern out everyday lives, and are based on a sense of morality, and caring for those around us, and the opportunity of health, and happiness.

Is religion needed to follow these laws? Of course not but religion is used as a guidepost between right and wrong, in the way we treat others and all interactions in our everyday life. Combined with the laws of God, it has led our country to become a country that is the envy of others, and a morality that until recently, was beyond reproach.

There are those, who for one reason or the other, feel that man-made rules following God’s laws are irrelevant and subject to individual whims as to whether these these laws should be followed. It gives them a feeling of superiority, a feeling that they are getting one over on everyone else.

The principles that founded this country are being taken down by the political correctness of multiculturalism, diversity, and a lawlessness by those in the government. This is based by a group of elites that think, not only do they know better than us, but they also think they know better than the Founders.

Thinking they know better than us, they use every method available to curtail the speech of those that disagree with their socialist thinking so prevalent today in schools and all forms of media.

They want confrontation so that they have the opportunity to shout down others, to use all media available to destroy your character, your reputation, even your life if necessary, until you are beaten down and self-censor.

cultural Marxism


Thinking they know better then the Founders, they ignore, or reinterpret the original meaning of our laws, they call the Constitution a “living document” subject to what they think it means. The freedom of speech is paramount to a working republic such as ours. If a wedge can be found to cause respectful speech to become divisive, the essence of free speech is lost.

In matters of race, immigration, income, and others, the progressive/socialist baiters have made it difficult if not impossible to discuss the challenges in a rational matter. If you try to explain your side, they talk over you, and get louder as you go so you can’t be heard. They will use the media to defame you, and their feeling of superiority will make them think they can do anything to anyone.

The ends justifies the means, because the false superiority they feel does not allow them to ever admit they could be wrong. One look at the present administration proves the point.

The pattern is always the same. Find a small problem, and using the media and the bully pulpit, turn it into a large problem. Then declare the only way it cam be fixed is with a government program that throws taxpayers money at the problem. It then, because of government ineptitude, turns into a bigger problem and the whole process begins again.

Of course, it is all done with the best of intentions, for the children, or for the downtrodden, when in reality it makes the problems worse.

It is not feasible that our children are ever going to pay off this horrendous debt we have already saddled them with. Over the past eight years it has gone up as much as all the presidents before Obama. Tell me again how he cares about the children.

Next, comes the social Marxism. We must all be part of the collective and think the same.

The Gay rights movement started out just wanting recognition, and then civil unions, and finally marriage, an abasement of one of the founding principles not only of this country, but of mankind. And they will get it, and then demand more. It has already gotten to the point that we have to photograph their “wedding” vows, and bake their cakes and it won’t stop until they force everone to accept the way of life they have chosen irrespective of religious beliefs.

This is not what our country was founded on. These are not the moral principles of our Founders. Nowhere, in any part of the Constitution, does it say that you have a right not to be offended. If my being a Christian offends you, too bad, get over it.

Part two will look at the Liberties and right given to us by our creator, and haw socialism is incompatible with a moral society.



John Velisek USN (Ret.)