America-Hater Ariana Grande Is Being Investigated for Donut Contamination


California police said Wednesday they are investigating a video that appears to show pop superstar Ariana Grande licking doughnuts in a bake shop. There is a possibility of cross contamination. She made it worse when she lied about it when she apologized.

It was also rather gross.

Police in Lake Elsinore, where the donut shop is located, say they and Riverside County public health officials were investigating the leaked video, which appears to show Grande and a man with her licking donuts.

The cashier said she licked and left, not purchasing any of the donuts.

Cashier Mayra Solis said “She was really rude.”

Ariana had started out saying, “I need a little old donut professional here.”


Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Vasquez told the Los Angeles Times, they don’t believe a crime was committed, so Grande may not be investigated.

In the same video, which was posted by TMZ on Tuesday, it shows Grande blurting out “What the f–k is that? I hate Americans. I hate America.”

She apologized but then lied about it, saying the comments were “taken out of context” and she didn’t use enough “discretion” with her “choice of words.” She then said, she was upset about “how freely we as Americans eat and consume things without giving any thought to the consequences.”

How does “I hate Americans” and “I hate America” get turned into something taken out of context and into her noble fat-fighting crusade?”

Fox & Friends posted a Gallup poll that shows Americans, especially millennials, aren’t proud to be Americans.

Americans aren't proud to be American

One commenter on Fox & Friends Thursday morning said Ariana is young, and like so many in her age group, all she has known is a president who continually derides and debases America as he apologizes for us throughout the world.

Fox is being roundly criticized for this by the leftists on the Internet, but the commenter has a point. Ariana has spent about a third of her life listening to Barack Obama tear down America.

It can’t only be blamed on the president however. Our educators and media are doing their fair share.

Ariana owes her success to the fans she apparently hates, as Barack Obama would say, she didn’t “build that.”

She won’t be performing at the Major League Baseball’s All-Star concert this weekend. She claims it’s because of a wisdom tooth extraction.




  1. What’s to investigate? It’s in plain sight on the video. If she is just stating what she was taught in school, maybe it’s time to investigate the teachers that taught her to think that.

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