America in Transition


by Joe David

When President Donald Trump tweets, the world reacts. His cleverly worded comments often dominate the news, sometimes for days. (Did he go too far? Was he too tasteless? Is what he says fake news? or is he just a crazy man intoxicated with his presidential powers?)

With every tweet, it seems, he manages to upset the Washington establishment by stripping away another layer of corruption. For too long, the liberal left has controlled communications, and during that time, its staunchest supporters (educators, government leaders, and media members) have successfully dulled the thinking skills of independent Americans with their statist propaganda.

As a result, the President has had to resort to an unorthodox communication system to get his message out to Americans. His often on-target and irreverent tweets is bluntly exposing the left to the core.

Until now, no one knew who swam around in the murky Potomac waters (the swamp!). Today, that’s all changing. Some of the main players are being identified and appropriately labeled – the leaker, the liar, the crook, and more – and driven from office. For the others, still protected by a veneer of respectability, identifying them is proving to be quite easy. All you need to do is just drop a name, the Trump name, and they react immediately, often to the limits of their manners (if they have any) and with riots and verbal attacks (if they have none). It is wartime, and the left refuses to give up their stolen privileges without a bloody fight.

America is currently at the edge.

For several hundred years, while the rest of the world submitted to one form or another of slavery, America remained free. Then, in the early 20th Century, the country foolishly chose to give up its freedom in bits and pieces to educators like John Dewey who force-fed Americans pragmatism, the philosophy of compromise. As a result, over the years, many citizens have willingly given up important freedoms for immediate gains.

Franklin D. Roosevelt boldly paved the way in this direction with his “new age” programs when he generously introduced the country to statism in the nineteen thirties. Since then, Americans have thoughtlessly yielded to grand-scale government corruption. Today, during what has become the golden age of America’s Corruption, Americans are seeing the results of a country high on pragmatic thought. Like unprincipled and soulless nihilists on opioids, many are accepting anything for a quick fix (a government handout) without any consideration to the long-term consequences.

What Americans fought so hard to acquire, what made us the envy of the world we are throwing aside for a little security and a “free lunch.” Everything of importance is being taken from us by a greedy government, everything, from what we say to what we eat. Even our money has been corrupted; once made of gold and silver, it is now made of plastic. Have you ever wondered what could happen to us, if our plastic was ever rejected? If the entitlement programs ended, and the banks refused to cover our personal debt with our hard-earned plastic money?

The choice ahead for Americans is clear. Do we want the stars and stripes or the sickle and hammer?

Thanks to the President’s tweets, Americans are beginning to recognize the choices. After eight years of Barack Obama, many of his followers, smitten once by his charm and polished presence, are beginning to understand the left’s motives.

Despite the continuous outrage from a vocal fringe, Donald Trump, a street-smart billionaire who has done business with them all, including the devil, is successfully alerting the country to the enemy. He is circumventing the wrath and the bias of the establishment who want to shut him up by becoming a consummate provocateur who is successfully exposing the left’s evils.

If you listen attentively to “respectable” pundits, educators, Hollywood celebrities, and their minions talk, you will appreciate how entertainingly the President is achieving this goal. They all hate him because he tweets fluently in the vernacular without coded messaging.

Fortunately, the country is weary of Washington’s hot air, and many Americans love his tweets.  Despite continuous interferences to his efforts, the President is remaining on course and delivering on his promise by trying to clean up the swamp. The more he succeeds, the more hostile the left becomes. Regardless of the outcome, America will never be the same. President Trump has opened America’s eyes and blown the left’s cover.


Joe David is the author of many magazine and newspaper articles and six books. His controversial novel on education, The Fire Within, identifies the root cause of America’s problems.

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