American Airlines, We’re United When It Comes to Beating Up Our Passengers


American Airlines has a fight club too!. I see your bloody, dragged passenger and raise you hitting a mom with two babies.

We’re kidding of course at American Airlines’ expense about this next story. There is much we don’t know about this story and we can’t draw conclusions yet.

A female passenger with twin babies on US Flight 591 from San Francisco to Dallas had a stroller – allegedly – violently pulled from her by an American Airlines flight attendant and got whacked in the head during the wrestling match. She began sobbing. At that point attendants began reasoning with her or taunting her, depending on who is telling the story, until a male passenger got up to defend her.

The passenger who challenged the attendant.

It was then that the same flight attendant allegedly challenged the male passenger to a fight, yelling “hit me!”.

The attendant

The mother of the babies was looking for space for the stroller when the male attendant tried to take it away from her… and she said she told him the other attendant had told her it was okay to look. He wrestled it away from her, smacking her in the head while she held one of her babies and another baby was in a car seat next to her.

The mother and her babies were said to have been escorted off the plane and the flight attendant was let back on. However, that same attendant was said to have been suspended and American Airlines is investigating.

One caveat, and I know people will be angry with me for saying this, passengers do need to follow the rules, it’s a safety issue, and they mustn’t be snowflakes. Metal strollers can’t be put into overheads. Of course, seeing this mom crying is upsetting.

The mother might be justified in being upset, I wasn’t there, but perhaps the mom was a snowflake who was not following the rules. The one thing that struck me is she kept insisting on getting her stroller back.

This video doesn’t capture the entire story so it’s good to withhold judgement.

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