American Antifa, Other Reds Training in Syria Present a National Security Threat


Many have compared Antifa to ISIS and that might not be too far from reality. We have a communist West Point graduate who has an Antifa flag in his room and Antifa are fighting with a known terror group in Syria. Though Antifa and other Reds are fighting against ISIS, they are fighting with a Kurdish terror group.

British intelligence is very concerned about who these people are and the danger they could present to the homeland. The Reds might bring the “Revolution” to the U.K. The same concern should hold for the U.S.

Antifa are Communist thugs think or pretend they are fighting fascism, which includes classical liberals, Republicans and Libertarians according to BostonAntifa.

Kurdish Antifa are Europeans and Americans

Rolling Stone reported in February that American leftists – Marxists, Antifa, socialists – joined the terror group YPG to fight ISIS in Syria. Although the YPG (part of the PKK) are extremely radical, the U.S. has an alliance with them because they have a common enemy – ISIS.

The Rolling Stone interviewed several “western leftists” that are fighting in the YPG.

We pulled this paragraph:

I also got an e-mail from Franceschi, who had formed a stand-alone unit of foreign leftists modeled on the International Brigades of the Spanish Civil War. It’s called the Antifascist International Tabur, and its central mission is to fight in Raqqa, a battle that he says will last through 2017 and be “a hundred times worse than Kobani and Manbij put together.” More volunteers are needed, Franceschi says, and all of them will be trained by YPG. Recruits must meet only one prerequisite: “If they want to join us, they must have an ideal that is not just killing or destroying. They can be anarchists, socialists, leftists, whatever. But they must feel like this revolution is their revolution. Because these are ideals that people are dying for.”

The Antifa in Syria are believers and they are being trained by terrorists.

One report states Christians are deserting the YPG because American and European AntifaCommunists and other leftists are joining.

According to foreign fighters quoted by AFP, an exodus is currently underway of US and other Western volunteers from the YPG due their left-wing stance, with one US army veteran – referred to as “Scott” – claiming he decided not to join after finding out they were a “bunch of damn Reds.”

Another British volunteer named Alan Duncan also said he had left the YPG, who are based in the Syrian Kurdistan region also known as Rojava, because of their leftist views and said he knew a number of other people were planning to leave soon for the same reason.

The Antifacist Network published an article by one Antifa who traveled to Syria to fight: “In late 2015 an activist with the Anti-Fascist Network went to Rojava (the liberated Kurdish area in northern Syria) to join the Kurdish fight for self-determination and against ISIS. They returned in summer 2016.”.

We don’t know how many Antifa are in Syria but the leftist influence is obvious.

The BBC reported this past August that they are concerned about the Brit Reds joining the Kurds to fight IS. They believe they pose a national security risk to the U.K. upon their return.

“The Henry Jackson Society said YPG was a front for the banned PKK group and warned that those who joined it could be drawn into terror activity at home”, they reported.

“Some say they go to fight for humanitarian reasons, while others are attracted by the Kurdish left-wing ideology,” they wrote.

Antifa have also joined hard-left gun clubs in thr U.S., including the John Brown Gun Club, and claim to be receiving military training here in the States.

They have also shared YPG videos. Go to Facebook and go to TampaBay Redneck Revolt to see how well-armed and trained they are.

It’s not only Antifa we need to be concerned about. Communists and Socialists are no less dangerous than they were during World War I and II.

Not to speculate, but perhaps the U.S. faces the same danger.

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