American Schools! Kid throws garbage can at cops during school brawl!


A Stockton high school was on lockdown Friday afternoon after an all-out brawl ensued between students, teachers, and police.  The incident was caught on video.

One student threw a garbage can at the police because respect is not one of the values they honor it seems.

This took place at Bear Creek High School in downtrodden Stockton. People need to discipline the kids and teach them good old fashioned values.

Fights are common at the school. This fight, extreme even by their standards, began with a fight between a teacher and a student.

Around 80 students were involved and several students tried to pull police off the student who started it all.  Police said they were struck by several students.

A garbage can is seen being thrown by a student as responding Stockton police officers were trying to detain another student who didn’t listen to the officers’ commands.

“When you go to school, you’re supposed to respect the authority that’s trying to keep you safe while you’re here on campus,” said Kira Elkins, a former Bear Creek High student.

“I don’t know what is going on with these kids. I don’t know. Even with the authority there and they are still being too much. It’s scary… it’s dangerous,” a parent said.

It’s unclear if any of the other students involved will be charged.

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