American Socialism Surges During the 2016 Election Season


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Radical Socialist Bernie Sanders has achieved a no less than spectacular rise during the campaign despite a platform that comes right out of the Communist Party USA. Joe Biden praised him during a speech this weekend, saying he’s doing a terrific job. He is, that’s true.

Registered as an Independent and self-identified as a Socialist, Bernie is to the extreme far-left and always has been.

When an aged radical like Bernie Sanders can draw large crowds, including the youth, you know the United States is in trouble.

One poll claims that “‘[60%] of Americans agree with him that the ‘economic system unfairly favors the rich…’ That is in part due to 7 years of a successful propaganda campaign against the rich and because of Obama’s destructive economic polices which favor the super rich and hurt the middle class. It’s also the result of forty years of leftist propaganda in our schools.


All the Democrats are trying to outdo each other by sounding further left than the last one to speak.

Hillary Clinton said at a Labor Day rally in Hampton, Illinois Sunday that she will put employers of companies [like Uber] in jail for wage theft. She has been demonizing the rich along with employers. Both Clinton and Biden spoke of the Socialist unions as having created the middle class with Biden insisting that “The wealthy aren’t paying their fair share.”


“Today 1 percent of Americans owns 40 percent of all wealth in America,” the vice president said. “A level playing field doesn’t exist.”

That’s the direct result of left-wing policies. Under the president, income inequality is the worst it’s ever been.

Class warfare is a useful tool of the far-left. The entire Democratic party is now on the far-left.

To further the propaganda, the left pretends the Republican Party has taken a sharp right turn and they also claim the Tea Party is the equivalent of the KKK. None of which is true.

left forum

When I attended the Left Forum [Communists, Socialists of America] conference in June, it was obvious from their comments that the participants and speakers were greatly displeased with Barack Obama because he is moving too slowly with what is nothing less than a radical Socialist revolution.

In Barack Obama’s world, one in which he plays at Socialism and Totalitarianism, the rich are leeches. With the media’s help, he has embedded that concept into the American consciousness. It is dangerous and is meant to strike at the heart of Capitalism.

What is happening in the U.S. now is ‘terrible’ as Rush Limbaugh puts it. We are not simply talking about American Socialism – that term has been used to describe a seemingly alternative and acceptable economic system though it’s not.

As Lenin and Marx both said, it is the path to Communism, but more than that, it is in of itself totalitarianism.

American Socialism cannot exist in a Republic. They arediametrically opposed.

The U.S. is beginning to see Socialism as acceptable though it has proven to be a miserable failure wherever it has been tried.

In the audio below Rush Limbaugh paints a clear picture of what is happening.

While saying he is strengthening the middle class and fighting Republicans to do it, Barack Obama is actually destroying it with his policies, something that is necessary for Socialism to appear attractive and to take hold.

By destroying the hopes and dreams of people to achieve beyond their station in life and by squashing the desire to own property, Marxism begins to look appealing to the masses as a substitute for Capitalism.

People are remarkably in the dark over what is currently going on in our country. The revolutionaries who hope to overturn our form of government and replace it with a totalitarian one are winning over many of the young. Obama is leading the way. He goes as far as he can go without openly admitting what he is – a revolutionary Marxist.

Rush Limbaugh’s analysis is worth twenty minutes of your time.


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