Americans Embarrassing Our Country After US Women Win World Cup


Fox News reporter Greg Palkot was in a French bar celebrating the U.S. Women’s soccer team’s win of the World Cup. The crowd started to chant, “F*** Trump” while he was on the air. They were likely imitating Megan Rapinoe, who will probably continue to politicize her win and role model disrespect for the youth. They think they’re funny, but they are actually behaving disgracefully.

Ms. Pearl, who is trying to make this video go viral, is a MoveOn producer. MoveOn is very, very far-left.

It triggered the vile leftists. Here are a few of the responses from the triggered left:

1.Nice Work 😂2. I would LOVE to see him and the camera crews reaction after they cut. haha!! !!

3. You nailed it France Greatest story on Fox this year.

In Football Joe’s video, the youth say Trump represents the old guard. They sound brainwashed. They are “embarrassed to be an American.”

It is their behavior that is embarrassing. This is our new young America, ripe for socialism and communism, buying into the ideology of hate and vulgarity.

The President, on the other hand, showed class:

Laura Ingraham was bashed for supporting the President. Social media is full of people who are using the platform to destroy everyone on the right.

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