Americans Have Lost an Important First Amendment Right in the Name of Planned Parenthood


Totalitarians are using a popular cause – abortion – to destroy our First Amendment rights. We will pay a very high price for this.

Americans no longer have the right to conscience. They do not have any right to determine what their money is spent on – the collective gets to decide. If Planned Parenthood is indeed illegally aborting babies in a brutalized fashion, engaging in infanticide, and selling their parts, do all Americans have to support that? The answer is an emphatic yes.

While the organization claims they are not using government funds for abortions, do Americans have to support an organization that engages in such disreputable practices?

It’s also a claim that stretches credulity. Money is fungible, we understand that, but government funding is more than 40% of their funding.

PP provides abortions and pro-abortion family planning in foreign countries. Do all Americans have to pay for this if they disagree with spending borrowed money in foreign countries?

This is about so much more than abortion. Abortion is the law and it is popular but what happens when it’s about something else? When it’s about, say, euthanizing grandma or the one-year old who will cost too much to treat? Ezekiel Emanuel, advisor to Obama and Obamacare architect has presented several papers claiming that “usefulness” must be a deciding factor and children under two are too unaware of their own existence and people over 50 are less useful and less important. That’s not conspiracy, it’s in writing. Do Americans have to support these people?

People see how these totalitarians operate. They are the same people who won’t allow dodge ball or tag in schools, who demand 56 genders, and who wastefully spend money we borrow from China.

We have all seen this ad:

But have you seen this video?

Only 3% of Planned Parenthood (PP) services are abortions but 86% of the revenue is from abortions. This is the exchange between Rep. Lummins and PP’s president Cecile Richards.

Planned Parenthood does not do mammograms and Richards admitted that as well.


Daily Signal interview with Cynthia Lummins:

PP head Cecile Richards explained that PP provides many other services and they say they are providing the only service for some poor and elderly patients. Wasn’t Obamacare supposed to handle that? Why are we paying for a private agency that relies on brutalized abortions to take care of what should be taken care of by Obamacare?

About 40% of Americans don’t want PP defunded and 27% do but the remainder aren’t sure. How many understand what PP has been doing and how many have seen the videos from The Center for Medical Progress? The videos don’t have actors nor did they dub in lines. Richards is trying to say it’s entrapment but they freely said what they said and they did it to make money. Some of the videos are from companies who buy the organs and one is from a former employee of one such company so Richards thinks that makes them null and void.

Please watch the videos yourself. You can watch the edited versions to save time.

Others claim The Center for Medical Progress is tied to anti-abortion groups. So what? It’s a non sequitur. The point is do we have to fund a radical organization that’s involved in the inhumane practice of partial birth abortions and infanticide?

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and other Democrats won’t view the videos or say they won’t because they don’t want to have to lie.

The media is lying for PP. MSNBC made it into a cause fostered by a few crackpot antiabortion activists, but look at the videos, see the truth. Just for the record, if anyone saw the PP advocates in pink on street corners yesterday, know that they were paid to rally by leftist organizations, many funded by George Soros.

Don’t make her stand alone.

PP protest

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