America’s Anti-Law Attorney General, Keith Ellison, Hires Anti-Law Deputy


The incoming attorney general Keith Ellison has shown support for Antifa, hater Louis Farrakhan, terrorists overseas, and open borders. And he is known for sometimes smacking women around.

As the top law enforcement officer in the state of Minnesota, he gets behind lawlessness on most issues.

The person in charge of the law for the now-crazy state of Minnesota has paraded around in open borders tees. And he believes we must “rebuild” the world.

He believes we must reward people who come here illegally with our rights and our benefits and they should be allowed to travel freely across our borders to get better pay. To do otherwise would be unjust.

Additionally, he believes the U.S. must “rebuild the part of the world that so many of us rely on to get everything from cheap flowers to cheap strawberries, cheap this to cheap that.”


In line with that, Ellison has hired someone of equally lawless stature. His Chief Deputy of lawlessness will be open borders immigration attorney John Keller. Keller has never even handled a criminal prosecution.


According to a press release from Ellison’s transition team, Keller began working at the Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota (ILCM) in 1998 as a staff attorney and has served as its executive director since 2005.

Keller and the ILCM have become outspoken critics of the Trump administration and its immigration policies. They have repeatedly taken actions to thwart Trump’s agenda in Minnesota.

We can’t have anything resembling traditional America survive in his mind.

He has secured funds for illegals to help them break the law

Last December, for instance, Keller helped secure $250,000 in taxpayer funds from Hennepin County to launch a legal defense fund for county residents facing deportation, The Star Tribune reported.

ILCM currently operates ten different legal projects, to keep illegals in the country and to help so-called DREAMers.

The organization’s “Minnesota Family Naturalization Project” focuses on increasing the naturalization of permanent residents in Minnesota.

Illegals are replacing citizens in Minnesota. They are already very powerful when it comes to representation in the House. They exert influence every time they riot or protest to get leftist policies in place.

In various press releases, Keller has condemned the actions of the Trump administration. Most recently, he opposed the use of tear gas at the southern border.

The travel ban is like slavery, he claims

When the Supreme Court found in favor of the President over the travel ban, Keller compared the decision to slavery.

“Just as it was wrong in Korematsu, upholding the internment of Japanese-Americans, and wrong in Dred Scott upholding slavery,” Keller said. Keller continued, “More than 70 years later, the Court today overturned Korematsu, acknowledging that was the wrong decision. We hope it does not take as long for the Court to recognize that today’s decision is equally wrong.”

The internment and Dred Scott were all Democrat decisions.

Open borders are international human rights.

Keller has even distorted our national motto and suggests it stands for illegal immigrants.

“The current administration has intentionally escalated and manipulated this refugee crisis. It has shown its cynical bad faith by acting unlawfully and without regards for international human rights, settled U.S. law, and human dignity,” Keller said in November. “This administration’s actions towards immigrants and refugees continue to corrupt the very soul of who we strive to be as expressed by our national motto, E Pluribus Unum.”

In response to the administration’s attempt to limit asylum claims to official ports of entry in November, Keller called the move an “illegal, anti-immigrant action.”

“The United States is a nation governed by laws, not by presidential prejudice or whim,” he added. “We will not give up the values of the United States, the commitment to this nation of laws and checks and balances, and our obligation to respect human rights and human dignity.”

This chief deputy of lawlessness knows the illegals pouring into the country are exploiting and corrupting the asylum laws. It is a fulfillment of the extremist’s wildest dreams.

The deputy devotes his life to corrupting immigration law

On Friday, Ellison said he could “think of no one better suited to help [him] serve the people of Minnesota.”

“He brings to the Attorney General’s Office a unique combination of deep grassroots understanding of the struggles that all Minnesotans face and deep connection to and recognition from the legal community in Minnesota and across the country,” he added.

“It represents the perfect opportunity to continue on a larger scale the work to which I’ve dedicated my professional life: helping to transform lives and strengthen our democratic legal systems and protections,” Keller said, according to the Tennessee Star.

So you see, Keller is a hardcore leftist who has dedicated his life to destroying our immigration laws.

Isn’t that just dandy?


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