America’s Last Cowboys: Surrender at Malheur




Update: The remaining ranchers at Malheur, Sean Anderson, Sandy Anderson, David Fry and Jeff Banta have all surrendered and have been arrested. Congresswoman Michelle Fiore and Franklin Graham escorted them out of the refuge. Jeffrey Banta, 47, of Elko, Nevada, Sean Anderson, 47, and his wife, Sandy Anderson, of Riggins, Idaho handed themselves over peacefully but 27-year old David Fry seemed unhinged and asked police to kill him. He finally left unharmed.


David Fry
David Fry

Cliven Bundy traveled to Portland and said he wanted to make sure no one died. He was arrested at the airport. Federal prosecutors in Las Vegas Thursday charged Cliven Bundy with conspiracy, assault on a federal officer, obstruction, weapon and other crimes, stemming from his role at the center of the 2014 armed standoff with federal officials near his ranch in Nevada.

There were hours of live streaming to coax the four out without anyone else being killed.



Original Story: The cowboy protest will end in a few hours and the remaining occupants will be put in solitary confinement, not for damaging anything, going through the buildings artifacts or paperwork, but for bringing their firearms, their Second Amendment right, to a standoff in a small outpost in a remote area of a wildlife refuge where privately-owned farms and ranches once flourished.

The media has ignored the protest at Malheur.

They didn’t burn buildings as the protesters did in Ferguson and Baltimore, they didn’t take over many buildings, parks and streets for long periods of time as the Occupiers of Wall Street did who were armed with rocks and bottles, but they will suffer a much harsher fate. They don’t have a communist front group defending them and they are not leftists and they are not black.

The protesters who have been arrested so far are being kept in 6×6 cells with one hour a day to exercise. One cowboy, Roy Finicum, was killed in a “shootout”. The protesters insist Roy was unarmed and a gun was planted on him.

Cliven Bundy was arrested on his way to the refuge (thought police? arrested for what he was going to do?).

The protesters still in Malheur wanted to speak with Franklin Graham and congresswoman Michele Fiore before they surrender.

  • The four – along with a number of fellow militia members already arrested – face federal felony charges of conspiracy to impede officers from discharging official duties through the use of force, intimidation or threats.
  • If convicted, the four – Anderson and his wife Sandy Anderson, Jeff Banta and David Fry – could face six-year prison sentences.
  • Nevada assemblywoman Michele Fiore – who, in a sometimes surreal live stream conversation with the occupiers, acted as an unofficial mediator – says she will also be at the checkpoint, along with Christian evangelist Rev Franklin Graham.

They have agreed to turn themselves in at 8am PST and we will update at that time. This was a peaceful protest.

The negotiations at Malheur:

The sheriffs of Oregon issued a disturbing press release on February 5th 2016. They have an “errant” view of the constitution according to KrisAnne Hall, a constitutional lawyer who advises a ranchers organization in the west. The Sheriffs do not say our rights are natural rights or rights afforded by God, they believe our rights are given to us by the constitution. They don’t understand protesting for the rights of private land.

The government and our educational system have been erroneously teaching law enforcement and youth that our rights are given to us. That’s deeply concerning.

KrisAnne Hall responded to the Sheriff’s statement. The sheriffs have tried to wrap themselves in the constitution but they have an errant understanding of the constitution, she said.

This is a brief clip from her review of the Sheriff’s statement and you can listen to the entire clip below.

via KrisAnne Hall The full response to the Sheriff’s statement.


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