America’s Sweetheart Says StalinCare Will Save on Those Funerals We Pay For???


America’s Socialist sweetheart Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was asked where we would get the money for all that free health care for everyone. She had a very creative response and we doubt very many thought of it

We could save money on funerals, she said.

She’s going back to the lie we had to listen to endlessly when the Democrats were ramming Obamacare through. They claimed people were dying in the streets. People weren’t of course. Anyone who shows up at a hospital has to be treated and there are a lot of free clinics.

If O-Cortez thinks people are going to live longer on healthcare rationed by the government, she’s dumber than we thought.

By the way, did you know we’re all paying for everyone’s’ funerals and government healthcare will cut that expense? That’s what she says.

It was only last week that she said she has been tutored by a Nobel Prize-winning economist. Let me guess, Krugman?

WTH is this woman talking about?

Watch the video clip:

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