America’s Weak Case Against Julian Assange, Journalist or Russian Spy


There is absolutely no evidence that Julian Assange is a Russian asset and there never has been. He is an Internet lefty who takes data other people give him, from hacking or leaking, and publishes it.

We disagree with most of what Assange has done, but to be fair, there is no evidence he has never hacked into computers and there is no evidence he has ever been employed by the Russians or is now.

The case against Assange has NOTHING to do with Russia. It only concerns Bradley Manning and the 2010 case.

Senators Blumenthal and Sasse want the Australian Assange to go to jail in the United States forever. It’s irresponsible of them to make statements like that.

Why do we even have a right to demand the extradition of a British citizen, a foreign journalist to the United States? His lawyer wonders.

Bradley Manning, now known as Chelsea, hacked the U.S. computers and was sentenced to 35 years in prison but Barack Obama commutated his sentence. Chelsea Manning is the traitor, and Obama set him free after he, now she, served only eight years.

It is not a crime to embarrass our rulers, but that is his crime — he’s hated.

When do we start imprisoning other journalists? Assange is a journalist, but he committed the unforgivable crime of hurting Hillary Clinton’s chances to become President in 2016. He also embarrassed people and tarnished the narratives around the wars in the Middle East.

Why were the Pentagon Papers applauded and not this? What is the difference?

Journalists in the United States today appear to be the enemies of free speech. It seems like an inside game of the Deep State.

That is the reasoning of Tucker Carlson last night. What do you think?


Mark Steyn said because the extremely well-funded intelligence community could not keep their information secret, they’ve decided they have the right to go to war with an Australian citizen, although they have a weak case. Seeing the media serve as lickspittle to the Deep State is an undesirable transformation, Steyn says.

The indictment is weak. The Deep State is saying Assange somehow goaded and encouraged Manning to hack. At one point, Manning said he thought that’s all he had to give him and Assange allegedly said, “Curious eyes never run dry in my experience.” Is that the evidence the U.S. will use to convict him? If so, that should frighten everyone.

As Steyn said, if you give four million people top security clearance, that’s not a very intelligent intelligence community.

Perhaps the incompetents in charge should go to prison instead or with him?

Perhaps they have evidence he is tied to Russia as an asset. No one in the public sphere has ever seen it.


The media has joined with the Deep State to get a journalist over Hillary Clinton. Watch:

The Washington Post put together a montage of a joking Donald Trump praising Julian Assange throughout the fall of 2016. They think this proves they were both working with Russia. Mueller’s indictment against Assange as it happens has nothing to do with Russian interference in 2016. It goes back to Bradley Manning in 2010. Obama let the real culprit in that case go free. Manning is the traitor.


Whether you like the way Assange operates or not, the organization he founded as a kind of watchdog has never published false material. In Hillary’s case, Podesta fell for a phishing expedition and she and her cohorts were undone by their own words.

Assange said he never stole any materials concerning Hillary Clinton and he did not get it from Russia or a state party. Why didn’t Robert Mueller’s team ever interview Julian Assange?

All of this interference by Russia took place under Barack Obama’s watch.

Alan Dershowitz was on ‘Hannity’ last night and said this is another Pentagon Papers case but the prosecutors added a very clever twist. Dershowitz said it is a “very weak indictment.”

The charge will likely be “conspiracy to hack a computer to release classified documents in 2010.” If extradited and convicted in the United States, he faces up to five years imprisonment, The Hill reported today.

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