Amerikka! Where Gun Gestures Cost $10,000


Mike Bryan, a doubles great who plays with his equally famous brother, was not happy with an incorrect call by a line judge and responded by making a rifle gesture with his racket. He was interacting with a fan behind the line judge.

Bryan was fined a whopping $10,000 for violating the rules. Worse than that, the ridiculous virtue-signalers are online trying to get him fired.

If you offend anyone, you must pay. That certainly destroys the concept of free speech and it is fascism.

Bryan apologized but that wasn’t good enough for some.

Keith Olbermann isn’t satisfied with the apology because he gave offense. Keith Olbermann is one of the most offensive talking heads alive today.

Most people realize this is getting ridiculous.

When Del Potro did it, no one cared. That’s how fair Americans are now.

There were some people who wanted him fired on some of the threads.

This is the new Amerikka.

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