Amnesty, Visa Applications Are a Sick Joke Plus There’s No Verification or Enforcement


Obama has officially opened the border to anyone and everyone. Anyone currently here doesn’t have to answer any real questions or prove a thing. The 6 million who have been promised amnesty will quickly rise to 20 million or more with chain migration. Those applying for visas won’t have to even state if they have been involved in a crime.

The worst part is that applicants will know there is no enforcement component.

Obama’s form to approve amnesty is a quick 5-question survey which will never be reviewed or checked. His application for T and U visas, which is still in draft form but it doesn’t even require applicants to state whether or not they are terrorists or have been involved in a  crime.

That way, they never have to worry about being deported.

There is no verification or enforcement system.

Bob Trent an official with the Former Border Patrol Officer organization has asked Grumpy Elder to post an article about the newly-leaked amnesty application which I have also posted here.

I filled out a longer form for my library card.

In his article, he relives the 1986 amnesty in which agents at least gave the impression they were going to verify applicants responses to questions.

At the time, the “proof” required were “simply letters purporting that the applicant entered the U.S. prior to the cut off date. The most common theme was they met the applicants at their birthday party, so it was date certain. The letters were signed by a U.S. Citizen or a green card holder.”

“Those applying for the agricultural worker amnesty,” Bob says, “had fake time sheets or pay stubs. Some small time farmers sold letters in vast quantities.”

“Liberals equated high rates of approval to success,” which meant INS managers just changed the “D” for denial to “G” for granted on applications.

A NYC Broadway law firm filed fraudulent applications as did others.

As Bob says in his article, the 1986 amnesty was a “travesty of American justice.” As we know, Democrats never tightened security afterwards as they promised.

Amnesty was extended a half dozen times after that.

USCIS has no investigative component and normally it would go to ICE/HSI investigations. Immigration enforcement is a low priority for ICE/HSI.

This form is a disgrace:

ICE screening for amnesty

Breitbart, through a DHS source, has been given a draft application for entry into the United States which does not require  terrorists, transnational criminals, and anyone else who wants to enter or stay inside the United States to even state whether or not they have committed a crime.

The president is expanding T and U visas under his illegal amnesty. T nonimmigrant visas are for people who are petitioning the U.S. government to be considered a “victim of a severe form of trafficking in person” and U nonimmigrant visas are for those seeking to be considered a “victim of criminal activity.”

On the draft application, applicants for these types of visas do not have to answer a series of key questions about their background.

This question has been removed in the draft: “Have you EVER, in or outside the United States, been arrested, cited, charged, indicted, fined, convicted, or imprisoned for breaking or violating any law or ordinance, excluding minor traffic violations? Describe in detail. Include all offenses where impaired driving may have been an issue. If you answered ‘Yes,’ describe the incident in detail and include all offenses where impaired driving was an issue in Part 6 Additional Information [which is later in the application].”

Check out this joke of a form:


Go to Grumpy Elder’s for the article by Bob Trent


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