Amnesty Will Require an Immediate Tax Increase of $1.29 Trillion


Since Hillary Clinton could very well be the president-elect on Tuesday, it is important to consider the cost of the amnesty she has promised. It won’t be cheap.

The National Academy of Sciences report, “The Economic and Fiscal Consequences of Immigration,” provides fiscal balance projections for immigrants, legal and illegal, and their descendants over 75 years.

If amnesty for illegal immigrants were enacted, the government would have to raise taxes immediately by $1.29 trillion and put that sum into a high-yield bank account to cover future fiscal losses generated by the amnesty recipients and their children.

To cover the future cost, each U.S. household currently paying federal income tax would have to pay, on average, an immediate lump sum of over $15,000.

Around 10 million adult illegal immigrants currently are in the U.S. Nearly half don’t have a high school diploma. Overall, adult illegal immigrants are six times more likely to lack that diploma than are U.S.-born residents.

Illegal immigrants currently receive routine government services such as roads, sewers, and police and fire protection. The children of illegal immigrants currently receive heavily subsidized public education at an average cost of $12,000 per child per year.

Children of illegal immigrants born in the U.S. are eligible for the same welfare benefits (such as food stamps, Medicaid, Obamacare, and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) as children born to U.S citizens.

Because illegal immigrant families already receive many government benefits and services, they currently impose a fiscal cost on taxpayers. The benefits they receive exceed taxes paid.

Amnesty or “earned citizenship” would provide current illegal immigrants access to an additional level of expensive government entitlements and benefits.

All of the major “comprehensive” immigration reform or “earned citizenship” bills debated in Congress since 2006 would have granted nearly all current illegal immigrants eligibility for future Social Security and Medicare benefits after 10 years of work. These bills also would have given amnesty recipients access to almost the entire U.S. welfare system, after modest delays.

The bottom line is it is estimated to cost $3.6 trillion over 75 years to give amnesty to 10 million illegal immigrants. Most believe that number of 10 million here illegally is underestimated. We can’t know until amnesty is offered.

In addition, Hillary, who has expressed a desire for open borders, will take in a lot more from all around the world. She has suggested that more than 600 million people could safely live in the US.


Hillary is very receptive to large influxes of Muslim refugees as is Barack Obama.

For example, The Australian reported that the U.S. is strongly hinting in discussions with Australia that we will take their boatloads of Muslim refugees from Nauru. Australia is in the final stages of negotiations. Receiving countries would be the U.S., Canada, and Third World countries.

Australia has borders and is sending their refugees to countries without borders, like the U.S. and Third World countries to calm down their angry activists who want them out of camps.

SOURCE: The Daily Signal

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