An “Increasingly Radicalized” Mark Levin: “We’re Not Living In A Constitutional Republic”


On last night’s radio show, Mark Levin said he was becoming “increasingly radicalized” under the government’s tyrannical jackboot.

Levin stated the following, with a note of disgust and desperation.

“But this federal government is becoming increasingly inhumane, increasingly vicious, and it needs to be addressed. And so I’m becoming increasingly radicalized, even though I was a pretty radical conservative to begin with, you’d say, right?

“This post-constitutional ‘thing,’ whatever it is — you know, we do this fan-dance where we pretend we’re living in a constitutional republic. We’re not living in a constitutional republic.”

“This centralized, federal Leviathan has turned on we the people. It has as its main objective controlling us, coercing us, putting us down, undermining us, destroying our lifestyles, destroying our private property rights, destroying our businesses, destroying our jobs.

“The federal government is not your friend. It’s oppressive. It’s tyrannical.

He touched upon the nonsense people are concerning themselves with while this tyranny continues, mentioning the case of a confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife who are buried on public grounds. They will be dug up and moved elsewhere. He founded the KKK. What people often leave out of that story is the fact that he was a Democrat and did realize the wrongs he had committed later in life. This man has been dead since 1877!

Why are Americans allowing themselves to be distracted by irrelevant issues like this and the old relic of a battle flag or of sports teams named after Native-Americans while we have a president who could care less that 350,000 illegal criminal aliens running loose in our streets killing, robbing, kidnapping our citizens.

The Fourteenth Amendment has a Due Process Clause which prohibits state and local government officials from depriving persons of life, liberty, or property without legislative authorization, and yet they openly defy federal law by establishing sanctuary cities which protect foreign criminals.

Levin criticized a new rule proposed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to pay doctors for discussing end-of-life options with senior patients. This is the so-called death panel Sarah Palin warned about.

“Families have these discussions — children with their parents — not the federal government paying doctors and nurses to have this discussion so they can just wipe them off the Medicare roles,” Levin said.

It would seem that lawyers and families are more appropriate for this. Doctors are supposed to save lives. Their Hippocratic Oath, the world’s oldest oath, used to guide doctors into saving lives no matter what the circumstances. This rule directly affects that prior direction.

In part, the Oath says, “I will follow that system of regimen which, according to my ability and judgment, I consider for the benefit of my patients, and abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous. I will give no deadly medicine to any one if asked, nor suggest any such counsel;”

Doctors are now being told to discuss ending the lives of patients.

Levin also mentioned the planned social engineering of the suburbs in the country. Read about that at HotAir.

What makes it most difficult, Levin believes, is that half the country doesn’t know what is going on.

When Mr. Levin calls it increasingly inhumane, the case of Kate Steinle and similar cases come to mind.

Barack Obama encourages these sanctuary cities and he is not the only president who has done this, but he is the president who has made a strong case in defense of others who died, even criminals, when it fit his narrative. He sent government representatives to their funerals. Kate didn’t fit his narrative and he not only didn’t mention Kate’s tragic death, he sent no one to her funeral.


  • Doctors must stand together and reject violation of their oath, or they will be participating in their own enslavement.

  • When Jimmy Carter was the president, his brother Billy had to register as an agent of foreign influence for lobbying that he conducted on behalf of Libya.

    Why hasn’t Hillary Clinton, Valerie Jarrett or President Obama been forced to register as agents of foreign influence?

  • It starts and ends with the 9/11 false flag attacks:

    9/11 Truth ends the global police state. 9/11 Truth ends 9/11 endless wars of pillage. 9/11 Truth ends the “Muslim boogieman” pretext for the so-called “war on terror”. 9/11 Truth ends the rule of the banking/drug/military-intelligence cartel. 9/11 Truth ends Israeli (Rothschild city of London) plans to establish an empire of Asia Minor c/o of the late, great, irradiated United States. 9/11 Truth ends the concocted ‘Clash of Civilizations” meant to divide and conquer organized religion (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Torah Judaism) and elevate the religion of the elite, the occult. 9/11 Truth ends the global depopulation agenda. 9/11 Truth ends the Satanic NWO.