Anarcho-Communist Antifa March, Threaten, Assault in Charlottesville


The only ones who showed up in Charlottesville for rallies this weekend were the violent Communist Antifa groups, marching to chants like “all cops are racist”. A few conservatives were present but no radicals. It should also be noted as an aside that groups led by Robert Spencer are Socialists, not Conservatives. In any case, they were not present.

Unite the Right will rally on August 12 in D.C. only.


Antifa assaulted police officers and got into their faces. Black Bloc, the most violent of the Antifa groups, led the marches.

This is the anniversary of the death of Heather Heyer who was marching with Antifa during the Charlottesville riots last year. The police stood down under orders from the chief and were harshly criticized in the final report.

A paranoid schizophrenic man, allegedly a Nazi, plowed into a crowd of Black Lives Matter and Antifa marchers during the Charlottesville rally. Heyer was killed by a car pushed into her by his. The white supremacist said he became confused and frightened when Antifa started banging on his car. He is awaiting trials on state and federal charges.

Antifa is a paramilitary group that refers to themselves as anarcho-communists. They are currently forming chapters in colleges all across the nation with the assistance of like-minded professors. Their goal is to overturn the capitalist government of the United States which they see as oppressive.

Their violent anti-fascist message is growing.

The Communists hide their faces, attack police, and assault news media in the name of anti-fascism. The only problem is they are the fascists and do not support the Bill of Rights or the Constitution — our rule of law.

Their violence and the threats they pose are largely ignored or minimized by media. Last year, the NY Times published an article about what the stylish Black Bloc and Antifa were wearing. They are not condemned by their fellow leftists in the Democrat Party.





Antifa protesters attacked security guards as they attempted to storm Portland City Hall on Wednesday.

Their goal was to level allegations of police brutality.

It was in response to the city’s handling of Antifa’s counter-protest at the Patriot Prayer gathering on Saturday. At approximately 9:30 a.m. on Aug. 8, at least 30 members of the group heckled the city council members and disrupted their scheduled meeting while chanting “end police brutality,” KGW footage of the scene showed.

One man was removed from the meeting after he began swearing at the council members, The Oregonian reported.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler urged those in attendance to stop chanting and disrupting the meeting, but they refused.


The Antifa in Toronto were violent and assaulted police. They are the same wherever they are found and model themselves after the Antifa of 1930s Germany.

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herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Correct they are an anti-nation, anti-liberty, anti-America agenda driven hate group.