Andrea Mitchell Compares Illegals to Holocaust Victims


Andrea Mitchell compared illegal aliens to the Holocaust victims. The officials in Tijuana put numbers on their arms to track them, and it horrified the two dingbats speaking in this clip.

Andrea, the nasally NBC talking head, never makes sense, but she was particularly illogical on this issue.

She said it is hideous to have numbers on them as if we were marching them off to ovens because they are foreigners. The other talking head dope complained of how many are waiting to come in illegally. We should just let them in and not keep them waiting. How rude of us!

Who the hay asked them to come? They are criminals ladies, what don’t you get about that?



  1. Rule of law…I cannot get into any country I want to just because I want to. Please be reminded that those who were killed in the holocaust were legal citizens of Germany/and other countries where they were removed and targeted by Hitler. Follow our law and we will welcome you…try to come in illegally and that is a “no”. When do we stand? This is not Trump’s wall…it is the Wall of the United States. Protect and defend our borders! Our Wall is not to keep people from leaving, like the Berlin Wall (I have been there). It is to protect and defend the people of the United States. Do the legal process if you want to become a citizen of the United States…and then become a citizen of the United States and you will have the same rights that I do…but not until then. Compassion is a critical piece of this but not to the neglect of the law.

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