Andrea Mitchell Says No Smoking Guns in Podesta Emails


Left-wing icon of journalism Andrea Mitchell who sells her tales on MSNBC, is telling the Americans who watch MSNBC, which fortunately isn’t too many people, that there were no smoking guns in the Podesta emails. In the strictest sense she’s right but there are a lot of spent shells.

Listen to this inherently dishonest conversation as they try to make it about the illegal hack and ignore the content:

ANDREA MITCHELL: But what do we see as the really, you know, smoking guns, if you will, in these e-mails? It is an incredible, rich narrative of what was going on inside the campaign.

AMY CHOZICK: Right… In terms of a smoking gun, we haven’t really seen one. And I think, as journalists, we really have to be cautious because, you know, these dumps sometimes happen and everything’s authentic until something is doctored or inauthentic. And at the end of the day, these were – this was an illegal breach on John Podesta’s e-mails, and so I think we have to be cautious when we dig through these. And certainly we haven’t seen anything that, as the Trump campaign would like, to be sort of that smoking gun.

ANDREA MITCHELL: And let me just say, what Podesta was saying last night, and this is from the perspective of a campaign chairman, but also a victim, this is stolen property. He was hacked.

AMY CHOZICK: If burglars had broken into the Brooklyn headquarters and stolen physical files and handed them over to us saying, “There’s some scoops in here,” you know, we would probably give that more thought. And so, I think you saw Podesta last night also cautioning us all to make clear that this was part of an illegal breach.

In the last few days, we found out the media is indeed corrupt and in the pocket of the Clinton campaign thanks to Wikileaks. We also found out that Hillary knew she was funding ISIS by funding and arming Qatar and Saudi Arabia; her camp called Catholics and Evangelicals backward and discussed how to infiltrate them; it exposes horrendous corruption in our government; the Clintons’ outrageous handling of Haiti has been confirmed; George Soros and John Podesta will be our real presidents if Hillary wins; Hillary admitted she says one thing in public and another in private, she really loves rich Wall St. bankers, she wants open borders and open trade and an open hemisphere with 600 million people in this country which would of course include the worst of the worst; et al.

But my personal favorite is the plan to gut the Catholic Church and turn it into some Marxist, secularist organization by infiltrating and starting a revolution.

But Andrea can’t find a single smoking gun in here. How about, Hillary is a Marxist and globalist Andrea!