Andrew Cuomo Sued for Shutting Down CPV’s Billion Dollar Gas Plant, No Notice


Daily Caller reported that a major energy supplier is suing New York state after Governor Andrew Cuomo refused to renew a permit for the billion-dollar plant. He did it without notice.

Cuomo likes to portray himself as a ‘moderate’ and he is anything but. However, the Democrat Party is now the Socialist Party.

Cuomo’s a raving leftist loon. He’s opposed to law enforcement, borders, and he freely gives away our taxes to good-for-nothings. He’s against fossil fuels to the extreme.


The CPV Executive Director had it wrong when she said only in Cuomo’s New York, it’s not just New York. Extreme states, taken over by Democrats, are increasing.

“Only in Gov. [Andrew] Cuomo’s New York would a state-of-the-art project that will reduce emissions, keep energy affordable, and deliver reliable electricity to New York consumers face countless, arbitrary delays,” API New York Executive director Karen Moreau said in a statement. “[CPV’s] natural gas plant is critical to ensuring that schools, businesses, hospitals, and homes have access to affordable, reliable electricity especially during extreme weather conditions like the polar vortex that we all experienced this past winter.”

This is a natural gas plant that cuts emissions.

“ Gov. Cuomo’s actions to arbitrarily block this project is just the latest in his attacks on every New Yorker who would stand to benefit from increased supplies of clean natural gas to the region. Further, these attacks disproportionately hurt low-income and elderly residents who rely upon affordable electricity to heat, cool, and power their homes. Right now, Gov. Cuomo has a choice. He can stand up for New York’s most vulnerable and allow them to have access to affordable electricity or he can continue to pursue extreme policies designed to curry favor with activists.”

It’s a loss of jobs, energy, and money for New York.

He’s opposed to fracking and oil drilling despite taking lots of money [extortion?] from fossil fuel companies. The dictator wants us back in the Stone Age.

Not so long ago, the clownish New York Governor vowed to enlist a “citizens fleet” of leisure boats and fishing vessels to block any attempt to construct oil-drilling facilities off the state’s shores. No one is doing that but he’s ready just like Churchill!

No one is forcing any such activity but that doesn’t stop a politician’s bloviating.

Shutting down a natural gas company will lead to increased use of more fossil fuels. No one ever accused Cuomo of being smart.

The only competition for the governorship is a Communist/Democratic Socialist who is even worse than he is.

This is what Democrats want for all Americans. Vote Democrat and go back into the past.

He’s anti-everything the far-left is against. Pity the sane among us who still live in New York. Remember this loon moment from 2009.


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