Andrew McCabe Sues for His Job, Says Trump Plotted Against Him


You heard about the corrupt FBI agent Peter Strzok suing over his firing, but did you know that Andrew McCabe is also suing the FBI and the DOJ for firing him? This is what happens when you don’t prosecute these corrupt officials.

He wants to be reinstated so he can work towards his full pension. He was fired two days before his retirement and claims Trump insisted on it.

The dismissal was actually based on a report by the Justice Department’s inspector general who cited him for improper disclosure of information to the media and lack of candor to federal investigators.


The suit alleges a plot by the President against McCabe. It states he was terminated for failing to pledge “partisan allegiance” to the president. McCabe’s attorney claims President Trump vindictively sought to end his career.

McCabe’s mimicking Jim Comey who claimed he had to pledge allegiance. This is a partisan lawsuit.

FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General William P. Barr are also named as defendants, although it was then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions who ordered Mr. McCabe’s firing.

“It was Trump’s unconstitutional plan and scheme to discredit and remove DOJ and FBI employees who were deemed to be his partisan opponents because they were not politically loyal to him,” the lawsuit states. “Plaintiff’s termination was a critical element of Trump’s plan and scheme.”


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