Angry Atheists Want a Stop to a Priest Blessing Animals


Angry Atheists are suing to stop animal blessings in shelters by a Catholic priest in Bergen County, New Jersey, who does it once a year in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, a patron saint of animals. It’s hard to think of a more harmless activity unless you’re a crazy Atheist leftist.

American Atheists Inc., claims in a federal lawsuit that the Bergen County Animal Shelter’s event in which animals are blessed by a Roman Catholic priest violates the First and Fourth amendments.

This event happens only once a year.

Government money, they say, is being used for a religious ceremony though of course it’s not. The priest just goes in and blesses them. Animals aren’t complaining. The priest is just showing love.

These particular Atheists are well-known for their anti-Christmas billboard campaign.

Candice Yaacobi, a North Arlington resident who is also a plaintiff, says in the suit that when she went to adopt a dog she saw Reihl “in full Franciscan vestmants.”

“As a humanist atheist, being forced into an encounter with a member of clergy in order to avail herself of government services sent Candice the message that the BCAS and Bergen County regarded her as inferior to those citizens who happened to adhere to the favored religious view,” the group wrote in its complaint.

Poor snowflake.

These angry leftists want to ban religious people from performing their services in a public place. Will this carry over to other facilities, like hospitals for instance? She’s offended by the sight of a priest? He doesn’t have any rights?

In addition to the shelter suit and billboard campaign, the group has fought against a Princeton 9/11 memorial and rejected New Jersey vanity plates.

“Not only were the shelter’s actions unconstitutional, they were completely unnecessary,” said Geoffrey T. Blackwell, staff attorney for American Atheists. “I thought it was well-settled that all dogs already go to heaven.”

He’s also a jack.

Welcome to the world of the insane left who hope to rule over us while the rest of us sheep watch the parade go by.

All the people who were touched by the sweet moment don’t count. Only the angry Atheists count. The Constitution doesn’t say all signs of religion and religious people have to be banned.

Angry Atheists are trampling on the rights of religious people in what is clearly a war against religion.


    • I’ve debated many a Protestant over the years and I must say this is a new
      one for me. The most common reference I’ve heard them say is, “I will ‘bless’ those who ‘bless’ you”.

  1. She is ‘forced’ to be in the presence of a priest, who is blessing animals …? Forced? And what ‘harm’ is being inflicted?

    I’m ‘forced’ to be in the presence of people with beliefs and practices very different than mine. It’s called living in America, living in a free country.

    Tough s_ _ _, I would say to her. Get on with living, and find something more important to do with your time and energy.

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