Angry Communista Rashida Says We’re Moving Towards Impeachment


Angry socialist/communist Rep. Rashida Tlaib, a radical from Michigan, told Chuck Todd on Sunday during an appearance on ‘Meet the Press,’ that the House Democrats are moving toward impeachment.

The revolutionary claimed the President is subverting the Constitution every day. She didn’t bother to explain what he is doing that subverts the Constitution. The truth is quite the opposite. Democrats frequently accuse the President of all sorts of crimes but never present evidence, and it’s usually something they are doing.

Yesterday, she tweeted, “…the fact [is] Trump has committed multiple felonies of obstruction of justice. 900 former federal prosecutors from across political ideals agreed he would be indicted if he wasn’t president.”

She is referring to far-left Trump haters, including some never Trump Republicans, who got together to write an irresponsible letter claiming he is a criminal. Again, it was without evidence. It’s their personal opinions. It was sheer propaganda.

People should also know that 900 former prosecutors are a small number. There are thousands.

Todd had no interest in exploring her vicious claims and went on to ask why she couldn’t get the majority to agree.

Tlaib assured him they are moving in that direction and her buddies will demand it. She is starting to sound like Maxine Waters, “Impeach 45! Impeach 45!”

The vulgar leftist has been eager to impeach the “motherf***er” since she was sworn into office. She is an anti-Semite and doesn’t seem all that fond of American values.

For her part, Nancy Pelosi is starting to sound like she will move toward impeachment over a false obstruction charge.

As President Trump says, truthfully, the Democrats are getting NOTHING done in Congress and have nothing better to offer the country. “They only want a Do-Over on Mueller.”

He also wrote on Twitter, Impeach for what, having created perhaps the greatest Economy in our Country’s history, rebuilding our Military, taking care of our Vets (Choice), Judges, Best Jobs Numbers Ever, and much more? Dems are Obstructionists!

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