Angry Old Red Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Want You to Be Afraid of Socialism


Bernie Sanders doesn’t want you to be scared of Socialism.

Bernie likes to pretend he is a Democratic Socialist similar to Sweden. It’s not true.

Bernie likes to tout Scandinavia but Scandinavian businesses are mostly free from regulation, nationalization and protectionism. Denmark, for example, ranks higher than the US in business freedom, monetary freedom, investment freedom, financial freedom, property freedom and freedom from corruption.

Sweden isn’t doing as well as the United States when it comes to prospering. If they were a state, they’d be the seventh poorest.

Scandinavia isn’t a terrible place to live but it’s no utopia and they are in a world of hurt.

Bernie won’t stop at Scandinavian social democracy. This man is an admirer of communism and always has been. He talks about 90% tax rates and more and more taxes and regulations to pay for $18 trillion dollars worth of freebies.

Bernie wants a quasi-nationalization of much that is now private enterprise by controlling it through regulations. He supports heavy regulations, hopes to take over the banks, and tax the upper end of income earners as high as 90%. Bernie’s socialism is of a Peronist type.

Argentina is currently socialist and has gone from a thriving nation to one of abject poverty. Over a third of Argentine’s population live in poverty conditions says one food and nutrition report called the Healthy Food Basket. At least 17.8% of the Argentine population live in indigent conditions.


Argentina was swimming in wealth prior to Peron. Argentina was arguably the second-richest nation on the planet, and possibly the first. It had no war debt after World WarII.

Peron went from helping the poor to wasting money like a drunken sailor. He spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a crazy scheme called Cold Fusion. He caused an international panic in 1951 when he announced Argentina had produced a fusion reaction. It was untrue and he looked to be as crazy as he was, American Thinker reported.

Argentina has gone from crony-conservatives who worked solely for the benefit of the rich to socialist governments who overspent Argentina’s incredible wealth and transformed it into enormous debt. Politicians catered to violent mobs. They now have President Cristina Kirchner who is orchestrating a currency collapse. She is a Peronist and Argentinians refer to her and her husband as Clintonistas.

It wasn’t easy to destroy Argentina but crony capitalists and socialists pulled it off.

Venezuela is following the same Socialist path.

A student takes part in a protest against Nicolas Maduro's government in Caracas, Venezuela.

You can read about Venezuela on this link. The people can’t buy beer, toiletries, and especially food, much less medicines needed for survival.

“The key to understanding Bernie Sanders is that he’s different from other socialist candidates,” said Garrison Nelson, a political science professor at the University of Vermont. “Most socialist candidates do not want to win. They want to lose and blame the system for their defeat. They revel in their defeats. Bernie believes that to be absurd.” Nelson calls him “the most successful socialist candidate in the history of the U.S.”


Sanders pictured above a month after his re-election in 1983 telling students at the University of Connecticut’s West Hartford campus that his tenure as a socialist mayor was evidence that people are willing to support radical change.

A Politico piece on Bernie Sanders focused on his bizarre personal life with his baby momma. He couldn’t get a job and had to live off some oddly-obtained unemployment checks because he was perpetually unemployed. He spent all his time writing and working on far-left politics like Karl Marx.

prominent members of Liberty Union Party

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that in 1971 he promoted “the doing away with all time limitations for unemployment benefits.”

His time was spent on his political endeavors as an active member of the Liberty Union Party [radical Socialist] instead of working and functioning as a member of society.

“He read Marx, Lenin and Trotsky,” who were of course communists. Socialism after all is the path to communism.

He threw himself into winning elections. Political office doesn’t require the same skill level as private enterprise.

He bought property in Vermont with his wife Deborah for $2500 which he said came from unemployment but he couldn’t “remember what the job was that qualified him for the benefits.”

“The electricity was turned off a lot,” one friend said. “I remember him running an extension cord down to the basement. He couldn’t pay his bills.”

He worked some as a carpenter but, according to a Politico article, “he was a shitty carpenter,” one acquaintance told the reporter. “His carpentry,” another said, “was not going to support him, and didn’t.”….

Bernie couldn’t work but knew how to apply for unemployment.

His far-left speeches are the same speeches he gave in the 1970s. He’s an old commie hippie singing the same song. It’s the rich’s fault. Bernie himself is a government sponge.

Bernie calls himself a Democratic Socialist but he’s clearly much further left than that and there is nothing about America that he currently likes except radicalism, taxes, and regulations. Orwellian language, of which the left are masters, is used both by Sanders and those describing him. It’s fraud really.

Sanders once said that cervical cancer was caused by women not experiencing enough orgasms. Economic growth is economic inequality according to him.

Sanders wants a “revolution” to reverse the “massive transfer of wealth” just like the Perons. Bernie thinks the economy is a toy that can operate as subservient to the government.

There is nothing democratic about what Bernie is recommending and he’s presenting himself as something he is not.

Bernie wants government to spend more and he calls taxes “investment.” It worked so well in Argentina, why not here?

Business doesn’t create jobs, government does, he believes. We’ve seen how well that has worked under Obama and Bernie wants far more of it.

The great economist Milton Friedman explained that the government obtains the money it spends by taxation, borrowing, or creating new money. Taxing and borrowing subtract from the economy by canceling out the stimulative effects of the spending. Creating new money might boost economic activity for a while but it feeds inflation, and if done on a large scale, leads to disastrous hyper-inflation. Eventually, growing the size of government ultimately leads to ruin, like in Argentina.

Bernie wants – taxation, borrowing and creating more money. It’s the only way he is going to spend “much, much more.”

Bernie wants a classless society derived from a revolution against the market-based economy. Some would call that communism, not socialism. Capitalism must be overthrown in Bernie’s world and in the communist’s world.

This is an explanation of the Marxist collective by a priest from a U.S. Air Force film in 1956. This came via Right Planet who has a good article on the issue. This must have sounded like science fiction in 1956 but it is a good summary of Socialism and Communism.

Here is another excellent video from the same website, Right Planet, and the article is well worth reading if you want an excellent summary of the ideologies.

A former communist who trained in Moscow discusses his experience in the Communist party and how the Communist Party inflitrated the Civil Rights Movement. Leonard Patterson was on the Speaker’s Bureau of The John Birch Society.



  1. I thought Obama was bad but Bernie Is so bad our country will become another USSR and eventually will collapse. When you tax everyone to the hilt to fund all his free programs, what happens when you run out of the peoples money. How has he been kept in business all these years. Like it has been said it is not the Obama’s or the Sanders but it is the people that vote for them. The blind leading the blind. Bernie is very dangerous.

  2. Communism and Socialism (traditional definitions) are really only divided by one thing: Communism takes away individual incentive; Socialism still allows for an individual to benefit from the fruits of his/her labor while Communism is one step more to the left where the fruits of your labor are distributed among everyone. Both of these terms were HIJACKED by the “Red” Leninists and Marxists because they wanted people to THINK they were overthrowing the monarchies that they replaced with representation for everyone. As we all know, it was just a lie since Communism and Socialism require a democratic government by definition. All those “Red” states call themselves Communist, Socialist, Republics… but are just right-wing dictatorships; so we should call them Empires by definition. Believe it or not, until the cold war, the USA was pro-socialist and communist. Lincoln for instance often times was quoted as being a backer of communism… along with many others. After the cold war, the terms got twisted to represent “Red” dictatorship by both the East and the West. The truth is, countries with democratic governments that regulate economic policies ARE MORE SOCIALIST than any “Red” State. So, the downfall of the USSR could be seen as a triumph of socialism. However, China, Cuba, N. Korea, Vietnam, etc… they are all still monarchies and they aren’t exactly suffering. China’s economy… wow. Socialism as a term gets used as a “buzzword” but its not used with any accuracy. Right-wingers like to use it to draw parallels of how more left-wing democratic reform is somehow similar to the “Red” dictatorships. Its just fear-mongering, as anyone who is educated on these things realizes its just a ploy. Hitler is another example of someone who blatantly hijacked a political party and turned it into something it wasn’t supposed to be… he used the Democratic Socialist party as a means to gain power, but he was neither Democratic nor Socialist. He was a right-wing industrialist dictator who was opposed to all forms of Socialism or Communism (why he attacked Stalin’s Russia) because he believed in a “ruling elite” that would own and dictate economic policy for the country. Its no shocker that prior to WW2, several Republicans had similar views about having an “economic elite” and so several had joined the Nazi party (like P. Bush). Most people who know the truth about Socialism realize when its being used as a “buzzword” by fear-mongering right-wingers. Being a REAL socialist is in no way a CONFLICT with being any part of the US government. Another way of thinking of it: Democracy and Socialism (or actually Communism would be more accurate) are merely government and economic versions of the same ideals based on equality.

  3. I must say that what you are saying on the article are absolute lies. I live in Argentina and there is not nearly as much poverty as you are saying here. During the government of Peron the lower and middle classes life standard was greatly improved. Fascist dictatorships driven by ruthless militar governments alligned with the economic interests of the USA are trully what destroyed the country and submerged it on debt that we are still paying until today. PLEASE STOP TELLING LIES AND GET FUCKING INFORMED!!!

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