Anjem Choudary: We Can Live Peacefully Together If The West Allows Sharia – Video


You can live as a non-Muslim under Sharia, so says terrorist Anjem Choudary.

Anjem Choudary is an Islamic Imam who instigates terrorism in the UK. Sean Hannity had him on his show last night to expose the true motives of radical Islam. Radical Islamists comprise 15% to 25% of Islamists.

Choudary admits on the video below that Islam is not a peaceful religion, it’s about submission.

In response to the brutal execution of cartoonists in Paris yesterday, he said he believes it is unacceptable for anyone to insult the Prophet. He demands that we allow Sharia law throughout Europe.

Europe has no-go zones throughout Europe where Sharia is practiced.

Choudary admits that homosexuals and adulterers should be executed if the Sharia court says they should be.


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