Ann Coulter Gets Dissed by Delta Airlines, Then Trashed, She Responds


Ann Coulter had her seat taken away from her by Delta a couple weeks ago. The 6 foot tall pundit and author paid extra for a seat with more legroom. The flight attendant who moved her didn’t know why she was being bumped, and the person who took the preferred seat was another woman — a much shorter woman.

Coulter went on a Twitterstorm. She literally went bonkers. That’s her general style. It’s likely she believed she was moved deliberately because of her politics.

We have a few of her tweets here

She also posted stories from other passengers unhappy with Delta. A number say they’ve been kicked out of pre-booked seats without explanation by arrogant attendants.

Delta’s not sorry

Delta’s response was nasty but it’s up to the reader to decide if it’s warranted. Remember when the customer was always right?

Then they criticized her. We say she’s lucky they didn’t drag her off bloody and beaten.

And they got all fake-supportive of their other customers.

Coulter won’t let up

Maybe they should have just apologized. They don’t have the best reputation.

She retweeted this.

I was a stewardess for PanAm and tend to give the airline’s side when possible, but there isn’t a clear explanation for why the airlines moved her seat. There’s also an issue with an airline that has a reputation for bad customer service tweeting aggressively. However, Coulter was harsh.

What do you think?

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