Ann Coulter Says She Was Targeted by Delta for Political Reasons


Ann Coulter is not giving up her fight with Delta any time soon. She apparently obtained insider information that taking away her pre-arranged seat was by design. She tweeted the conversation from a flight attendant who told her it was political.

Coulter recently went on a Twitter storm against Delta after a flight attendant ordered her to leave her pre-booked seat without explanation. The 6 foot conservative pundit had paid extra to get a seat with more legroom.

The woman who took her seat was not elderly, sick or a child and Coulter suspected political reasons.

When she asked the flight attendant why she was being forced to move from her seat, the attendant said “I don’t know.” She then snatched the ticket from Coulter’s hand and ordered her to move.

Coulter tweeted the conversation from the unnamed attendant who said that Coulter was targeted on purpose to “make her life miserable.” Coulter tweeted it and warned Republicans to beware!

Delta had responded to her original complaint with a couple nasty tweets.

But Ms. Coulter is not going to let up. Maybe Delta should give up. They’re not known for their customer service as it is. One of her tweets was pretty funny. She asked what the difference is between United and Delta. She said on United, they drag you off the plane, but on Delta, they’ll have to drag you on the plane.

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