Ann Coulter Tells Lou Dobbs the Left Almost Fulfilled Their Vision of Turning the Country


President Obama is a Marxist but he is also an incrementalist who saw a gradual approach as the appropriate way to turn the nation to the far-left. He envisions a nation with a one-party political majority that has no Republicans in power. This is what both Ann Coulter and Lou Dobbs believe.

Ms. Coulter said the left was at the precipice of realizing their dream but they needed to win the presidency. She said it’s why they need the wall because the improvements the President has made can be immediately overturned by the next President.

There is no doubt that the hard-left is pushing for the entire nation to become California.



  1. Its not over! Trump has surrounded himself with snakes and incompetence. Just look at his chief of staff and others. He just appointed to DHS someone with no experience whatsoever and this person is pro amnesty! Att Gen sessiions is doing nothing. FBI director w ray is doing nothing! We may lose our inly chance to save our country from turning into kalifornia!

  2. Learn how to spell before you make comments. We don’t want to push that Democratic narrative that we’re all dumb hillbillies. Or are you a left troll?

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