Ann Coulter’s Fight for Free Speech on the Berkeley Campus on April 27th


Ann Coulter was denied the right to speak at Berkley on April 27th after she accepted an invitation to speak by the Republican Club. University officials denied her the right to speak because of the danger of potential violence by Fascists, Antifa in particular. After an uproar, the university reversed themselves and told Ms. Coulter she could speak on May 2nd, at a time when most students won’t be on campus.

The author and pundit said the university not only changed the date, they put more restrictions on her. The university denies that.

Coulter is not going along with the new date,  – she’s busy that day. She plans to go to Berkley on April 27th as originally arranged.

She has spent a lot of money to visit the university on the 27th.

Coulter has never before been kept from speaking at a U.S. university.

A lawyer representing the college Republican group that invited Coulter sent a letter late Thursday night to the university threatening litigation if the university does not allow Coulter to speak on campus April 27, according to the Washington Post.

In the four-page letter, the lawyer demands that the university find a venue near the center of campus for Coulter and allow her to speak in the evening rather than daytime. If that does not happen, the letter says, “we will seek relief in federal court, including claims for injunctive relief and damages.”

Coulter is being denied her civil liberties and her right to free speech.

The university claims they are only looking after everyone’s safety. If so, why is the Antifa allowed to run amok? They are a terrorist group yet police are told to stand down when they become violent.

Ms. Coulter said she is calling their bluff.

When the violent students threatened Milo Yiannopoulos and shut down his speech, President Trump weighed in.

Funding should be withdrawn. If they won’t support free speech, they need to be held to account. Taxpayer money can’t go to universities that do not protect free speech.

Also interesting is the fact that the Mayor of Berkley supports the violent Antifa.

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