Annoying Chris Wallace Mocks Larry Kudlow for Reporting Facts


Fox News Sunday host, obnoxious leftist, Chris Wallace mocked President Donald Trump’s senior economic adviser Larry Kudlow who simply related facts about the obvious economic success brought about by this President.

Wallace brought up Big Chief Warren’s oft-repeated lie that the Trump economy only benefits those at the top. He played a clip of the angry Warren on the warpath over it.

Wallace asked Kudlow what he had to say about that.

Kudlow listed the facts.

“I hear some of their policies, I hear some of their narratives,” Kudlow responded. “I don’t understand what planet they’re describing. The United States’ economy is booming. It’s running a roughly three percent average since President Trump took office three years ago.”

“The blue-collar workers, the non-supervisory workers, have done the best. They’re the ones running wages at 3 1/2 percent. Their growth and incomes and wages is exceeding the growth of their supervisors. The unemployment rate is low. We just had the best June stock market, the Dow Jones, in over 80 years. That’s going to fill up the 401(k)s of middle-class folks everywhere.”

Wallace tried to interrupt but Kudlow knows you can’t let him do that. It’s an excuse to attack.

“This is very important,” he said. “These are factual issues. I understand that there’s political spin, but these are factual, measurable areas, and I do not understand their narrative. We are in a strong prosperity cycle, and …”

Wallace then blathered, “Larry, Larry, let me interrupt your campaign speech.”

That’s a deliberate effort to distract from all the facts and cancel out every fact Kudlow mentioned.

“It’s not a campaign speech,” Kudlow shote back. “I’m citing facts and figures.”

Wallace went on about income inequality and ran a clip with economic illiterate Bernie bloviating. Kudlow tried to straighten him out. As he said, someone has to do fact checking on some of the things these candidates are saying because they would do serious harm to the economy.

Wallace is sooo annoying and dishonest. It wouldn’t be so bad if he treated the lefties the same way, but he doesn’t. Remember when he let Mayor Pete trash Fox News and the President during the town hall, never once questioning a word he said.

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