Anonymous Cowards Sue Massachusetts Over the Pledge



The American Humanist Association and an Atheist couple with their three children have sued the Acton-Boxborough School District ANONYMOUSLY over the daily recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance because it includes the words ‘under God.’

These angry atheists want to change our history and they want to do it anonymously.

The case has reached the highest court in Massachusetts and will be heard tomorrow. It is different from prior cases in that the litigants are claiming that it violates the equal protection clause under the Massachusetts Constitution and their school’s anti-discrimination policy. This is different from prior cases already settled by the Supreme Court of the United States.

The angry atheists are not content with their children opting out. They want to force their views on everyone.

This will spur similar suits throughout the nation. A colossal waste of money.

Yet again, we have a case of a minority trying to change our historical references and govern the majority. They are cowards who choose to do it namelessly.

Humanists are secular progressive activists who are opposed to the spiritual and who love collectivism.  The American Humanist Association members have been after the Pledge since they organized. The atheists and humanists like to say that the Pledge is a socialist invention when they in fact are the statists. Many are Communists and some view ‘humanist’ organizations as front organizations for communists.

This case has been ongoing since 2010. Read some of the history at The Beckett Fund.

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