Anonymous Releases a Video Backing the Oregon Protesters

Sheriff with his gun at the scene
Sheriff with his gun at the scene

After a 24-day occupation of a small building in a remote area of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, eleven protesters have been arrested and one has been killed. A few remain at the refuge. The protesters claim the dead protester, LaVoy Finicum, was killed in cold blood. The FBI says he was killed reaching for a gun.

Anonymous, a rabidly anti-police organization, released a video stating that they reviewed the FBI video of the shooting and stand behind the protesters. They said it’s not over. Their video does not provide the backup for their claim.

There is some graphic footage in this anonymous video.

Oregon Live slowed down and zoomed in on the shooting of LaVoy Finicum. The FBI say they shot him after they thought he reached into his pocket to get a gun. In the video, Mr. Finicum is seen with his arms up in the air and then flailing about as he trudges through 3 feet of snow. When he reaches down, he appears to be opening his jacket. To reach for a gun? To show the police he didn’t have a gun? Was he already shot?

There was a sniper in the tree, an officer in front of him and one behind him. There appear to be more than 15 law enforcement personnel around the car.

Law enforcement is conducting an internal investigation.

Warning, the following content is graphic.

Two eyewitnesses at the scene say that the protesters did not fire any shots and LaVoy did not have a gun in his pocket. They claim the federal agents fired multiple times at the protesters’ car prior to the shooting of LaVoy. They  also said he was shot while on his knees with his hands in the air.

The witnesses – two protesters in the vehicle – said that the agents fired at the car before he exited and as he exited with his hands in the air.  The witnesses are 18-year old Victoria Sharp and Shawna Cox.

Ms. Cox said she was trying to protect Sharp in a “hailstorm of bullets.” She believes the FBI and OSP wanted all the passengers in the car dead. She herself is out on bail and in a precarious legal situation but related her account because “the truth must get out”. She called into a blog called free capitalist project.

There are inconsistencies in the witnesses stories and eyewitnesses are often inaccurate.




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