Another Andrew Cuomo Success Story


Let me get this latest Cuomo success story straight.

Two vicious murderers were allowed to freely walk around a maximum security prison in regular clothes; they had power tools and hacksaws delivered to them in frozen meat which was delivered by a guard so they could cook in their cell; no one noticed them sawing through concrete and metal and no one noticed them missing for 7 hours. No one noticed the 100 or so sexual liaisons in the closet.

The Superintendent in charge of the prison is a Cuomo appointee.

The escaped murderers were only 20 miles away from the prison for weeks and for some of the time, they hung out in a cabin belonging to corrections officers where they were able to acquire guns, eat and don camouflage clothing.

More than 1300 officers searched for these two men. Officers were shipped in from other parts of the state, at no small cost. It took nearly three weeks to find one and a little over three weeks to find the other.

David Sweat was found by accident when a trooper spotted him. He recognized him from a description and shot him twice in the back as he ran away when he couldn’t catch him. One report said Sweat’s in critical condition,, Cuomo said he’s in stable condition.
David Sweat

When captured Sweat was only a mile-and-a-half from the Canadian border.

Governor Cuomo was cheered, everyone was congratulated for the great job, and I wonder how much this cost.



  1. The governor of NY is a total embarrassment!

    At the beginning of this search, it was reported that it was costing the taxpayers almost $1 million a day. Just as you point out in your article, these men shouldn’t have gotten as far as they did. What were the correction officers doing while they were drilling? Never mind, I don’t think I want to know………….If I was a resident living near that jail, I would be very concerned!

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