Another Big Government Program Is In Trouble



Nearly a trillion dollars was taken out of future payments to doctors and hospitals for Medicare patients to allegedly help pay for Obamacare. Now the White House is looking for cost controls because Medicare premiums are rising dramatically.

Obamacare was only paid for by taxes, not cuts to anything but appearances were everything at the time.

We now have a situation in which 65 million retirees are facing 50% increases in premiums along with higher deductibles.

The increase in out-of-pocket Medicare payments would effect doctor visits, surgery, medical tests and supplies such as walkers or wheel chairs.

The monthly premium is $104 and could rise to $159. It’s a lot of money for many retirees on a fixed income.

The real problem is that by law, 70% of people on Medicare are protected from increased premiums, leaving 30% to pay all the increased costs. The wealthy, new retirees and federal workers have to pay the freight for the 70%. Unions won’t like it.

It’s now up to Congress to reverse a cost increase. This is an example of the government trying to control costs artificially. It won’t work over the long term.

CBS claims healthcare costs are rising fast and ignores the effect of Obamacare on any of this.




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