Another Bill Ayers’ Anti-Capitalist Movement


We’re in trouble. We have extreme radicals in our administration who are encouraging revolutionaries who want to take down Capitalism and the media appears to be clueless.

Bill Ayers was out protesting with other communists and socialists for Moral Monday in Chicago today, blocking the CME. Neil Cavuto discussed it on his show this afternoon but what was shocking was the media took them seriously and they didn’t seem to know who they are. They didn’t even mention Bill Ayers who was visible in the tapes.

Mr. Cavuto and his correspondent completely misunderstood what was going on.

The aged domestic terrorist of the 1970s, Communist Bill Ayers was rallying the protesters. He’s trying to still be relevant.

Bill Ayers

Moral Monday is an offshoot of the radical FergusonOctober group. They have been training youth and others to engage in non-violent confrontation with police for “Moral Monday” throughout the nation. The training is the same as the training for the Occupy Wall Street events.

The same people who fund Ferguson and Occupy groups fund this, including George Soros. They fund the training and they pay protesters to protest and cause problems for capitalists, police and politicians.

Moral Mondays are not a novel concept. They were held in North Carolina in 2013. The protests are characterized by engaging in civil disobedience by entering a state legislature building or a financial institution and then being peacefully arrested. The movement protests many wide ranging issues under the blanket of unfair treatment, discrimination, and adverse effects of government legislation on the citizens,

These are typical communist PR stunts like the ones we witnessed during Occupy Wall Street.

When they hold these events, they use them to gain publicity and lure in new converts to their revolution though it’s all based on smoke and mirrors. It’s all staged. They are antipolice, anti-Capitalism rallies.

This isn’t a sincere movement based on reality. It’s a contrived series of events to attack and demean police and Capitalists with the hope of fomenting rebellion.

Taking them seriously and responding to them gives them the recognition they need for their movement to be successful.

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