Another Far-Left Wins a Primary in Massachusetts as a Dem


It’s time to start calling Progressives what they are — Communists, Anarchists, and Socialists. One of the most liberal/leftist counties in the country is the 7th district in Massachusetts and they just voted out their very left-wing Democrat Representative, Michael Capuano. They voted for the very, very far-left candidate in the primary.

Ayanna Pressley, 44, Boston’s first black female city councilor, beat the ten-term congressman. He was reportedly 13 points ahead and he just conceded to the further left candidate.

Pressley was backed by know-nothing Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Capuano is a stalwart far-left Progressive who voted against the Iraq War, supports Medicare-for-all, and is a member of the House Congressional Progressive Caucus. He could never be accused of leaning too far right but he is white. That’s a significant disadvantage.

Pressley served as a senior aide to former Sen. John Kerry and interned for former Sen. Ted Kennedy’s office. She’s arguing that she will shake up Washington, DC, and is running on Medicare-for-all and a litany of other progressive issues. She also ran on the fact that she’s black.

This is a very leftist county but it doesn’t change the fact that Democrats are moving very far left everywhere and this is a disease that will spread throughout the country if it continues unabated.


NY Times Suggests Dems Are Scared And Moving Further Left

CORRECTION: We originally referred to Rep. Pressley as a communist/socialist but she does not identify as such. However, we urge people to look at her agenda and compare with the Communist Party USA.

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