Obama Riles Up Another Country, This Time Over Gay Rights



Photo of LGBT activists in the Dominican

Barack Obama now has many in the Dominican Republic angry with the US over gay rights.

Obama appointed an openly gay Ambassador, James “Wally” Brewster, to their conservative Christian country which has a large Catholic and Evangelical population.

Brewster is an LGBT activist.

The Dominican Republic is undergoing changes with the Catholic Church and Evangelicals pitted against some of the public over matters such as LGBT rights. Obama decided to weigh in and stir the pot.

Rev. Cristobal Cardozo, leader of the Dominican Evangelical Fraternity, said, “It’s an insult to good Dominican customs.”

Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez, president of the Conference of the Dominican Episcopate said, “You can expect anything from the U.S.” He also called Brewster a “f….t.”

An Embassy spokesperson said that the nomination had nothing to do with Brewster being openly gay and an activist. The nomination comes as activists are preparing for the Gay Pride parade on Sunday in Santo Domingo.

The Ambassador has been accepted by the government but not by religious leaders. Not all of the public accepts Ambassador Brewster and this will cause intense controversy in the country.

Obama has named a total of seven openly gay Ambassadors, but this is the controversial one.

I wonder when he will appoint an openly gay Ambassador to Saudi Arabia or another Muslim country. Any day now, right? Since Obama cares so much about human rights and women in particular, when will he address the way women are treated in the Muslim world? How about the way Tibetans are treated by the Chinese? When will he speak out about the atrocities committed against Christians by Muslims in the mid-East and Africa? Did I miss the part where he condemned the hangings of gay men in Iran? What about the pedophilia and marriage of little girls to old men in some of his favorite Muslim countries? What about the 300,000 African slaves being bought and sold in Saudi Arabia?

Chalk another one up to the Obamster, President of the World, who likes to create mayhem where none existed and ignore atrocities that call out for a strong voice. He likes to go after Christians – they are easy targets. He wouldn’t take on a more challenging population.

Obama thinks small.

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