Another Day, Another Muslim Terrorist


Camp LeJeune

Yet another Muslim teen,  attracted to ISIS, “sincere in his beliefs” and determined to kill soldiers, was sentenced to a mere five years in juvie in South Carolina. All they could get him on was a gun charge because they don’t have a terrorism law in South Carolina.

The boy is a citizen (it’s unknown if he’s naturalized) and his family is from Syria but since he’s 16, he gets anonymity.

It’s not known how long the family has been here, but they are immigrants – New Americans – followers of the religion of peace.

He plotted with another Muslim militant from North Carolina to rob a gun store in North Carolina and then go on to kill soldiers as revenge for U.S. military action in the Middle East.

His mother and uncle said he is a good youngster who believes in the laws of the U.S. and didn’t mean any harm.

The prosecutor differed on that.

The teen was “wholeheartedly sincere in his beliefs, and we are very concerned for the safety of the community and the country,” the prosecutor Kevin Brackett said. “He had a plan to randomly shoot American soldiers.”

Brackett said a videotaped police interview with the teen, which wasn’t shown in court, was disturbing. “How he behaved on that video, which is what I told the court, is what caused me so much concern,” Brackett said.

He’s really a good youngster though.


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