Another Dem Wants Our Guns Over Trump’s National Emergency Order


Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi said that since President Trump declared an emergency to build the wall, Democrats would, in turn, declare emergencies to implement their agenda. She said they would declare gun violence an emergency.

Pelosi wants to go for our guns.

The Speaker said, “You want to talk about a national emergency, let’s talk about today, the one-year anniversary of another manifestation of the epidemic of gun violence in America. That’s a national emergency.”

Chris Murphy


We now have another Democrat threatening us. Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut said “100 people die from guns every day. That’s a national emergency.”

They always use misleading stats.

He continued, “If Trump gets away w this border emergency declaration, then a Dem President can declare a gun violence emergency and institute universal background checks and an assault weapons ban by executive action. So…”

He plans to take away all semi-automatic guns that look like assault weapons, and track gun owners under the guise of background checks. We already have universal background checks. What they want is a registry.

We say go for it. Democrats want our steaks, our planes, our cars, our money, and now they want our guns as they leave our borders open to whoever. They need to run on this. It’s a great agenda! Who could resist!


    • Same old ignorance from the left of centre…Am yet to be introduced to a weapon that wakes up in the morning, has a cup of coffee and saunters off to wreak havoc, mayhem and death for the hell of it….The divisiveness that I have witnessed for at least the last three years emanated on the left and their propaganda medium, the fake MSM immediately pulls a transference…unfortunately cognition and common sense is dead…and the innuendo and fakement blow right by the besotted brainwashed minds…

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